Transfer official Content from PS3 to PSP


Believe it or not, despite having a CFW on my PSP, I'm buying all my games original. I keep the CFW only to get rid of the UMD annoyances (by dumping the games into the m-stick) and to play some forgotten abandonware through emulators.

Now I have a Problem.

I bought a PS1 game from PSN and I want to transfer it to my PSP.
I got a message that says that the account on the PSP is different and transferring the product will deactivate it. I searched the whole City for a hotspot just to connect my PSN account to my PSP (It stays connected indefinitely, even after leaving the hot spot). I got the same F*ing message!

  • What do I have to do to transfer my purchased content on my CFW PSP?
  • Will installing a newer CFW help?
  • Do I have to go OFW to transfer it properly?
  • If I go OFW, will I be able to back to CFW using a Pandoras Battery?

My current FW is 5.50 prome-4 and my PSP an old 2000 model.
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