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  1. F

    Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks

    https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/a=97/regarding-recent-varlamore-leaks?oldschool=1 Over the past few days we’ve noticed a number of videos and screenshots purporting to show sneak peeks or previews of upcoming Varlamore gameplay. This isn’t true (mostly). Part of our playtesting efforts...
  2. F

    OSRS Bots, Bans and Appeals: An Update

    https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/a=97/bots-bans-and-appeals-an-update?oldschool=1 Following recent improvements to various pieces of Wilderness content, the discussion around bots and how we’re handling them has become an increasingly prevalent conversation. We know this topic is much...
  3. F

    Pal Analyzer

    https://www.nexusmods.com/palworld/mods/336 About this mod Displays details and stats about wild pals just by hovering your cursor over them. You'll unlock more stats as you go, making the discovery feel balanced and fair (configuration options available). The goal of Pal Analyzer is to feel...
  4. F

    Faster Breeding

    https://www.nexusmods.com/palworld/mods/198 Default breeding time: 300 seconds Mod options: - FasterBreeding (includes: 1 second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 150 seconds) - FasterBreedingBerries (includes: 1 second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 150 seconds, 300 seconds - default...
  5. F

    Anniversary Edition - Major Changes

    In celebration of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s tenth anniversary, we’re excited to dive deeper into the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, the most comprehensive edition of the game released to date, and new Creation Club content – both coming this November. ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH FOUR FREE...
  6. F

    All the Bases

    https://www.nexusmods.com/palworld/mods/46 This is a very simple mod that increases the maximum bases per guild to 128 (the default max for the whole server) for all base levels. Installation Installation is very simple, just download the file and place it in PALROOTDIR\Pal\Content\Paks If...
  7. F

    Skyrim Anniversary Best Start + Tips & Much More

    Anniversary getting the best start possible! Hitting lots of the new content efficiently while staying away from mostly all questing! 1:27 Bandit Camp & Shrine of Talos -3 items to disenchant 2:07 The Guardian Stones -Mage Stone -Fishing 2:48 Anise's Cabin -Disenchant items -Flawless...
  8. C

    LoveFilm brings FOX content to UK

    24, Buffy, Prison Break and more come to Amazon's service. Amazon has inked a deal with 20th Century Fox to bring content to LoveFilm, its movie and TV streaming service. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Microsoft store 'opening in London' - Report Far Cry 3 hit with 2...
  9. C

    LoveFilm brings FOX content to UK

    24, Buffy, Prison Break and more come to Amazon's service. Amazon has inked a deal with 20th Century Fox to bring content to LoveFilm, its movie and TV streaming service. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Microsoft store 'opening in London' - Report Far Cry 3 hit with 2...
  10. C

    Tomorrow's Modern Warfare 3 DLC content detailed

    One Spec Ops mission and three new Faceoff maps. Modern Warfare 3's exact producer Mark Rubin has revealed more specific details for tomorrow's Elite DLC drop for Modern Warfare 3. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Counter-Strike Global Offensive release date and price...
  11. F

    'Questionable religious content' scuppers The Binding of Isaac 3DS release

    Nintendo won't allow hit indie title to launch on its handheld. Action RPG shooter The Binding of Isaac won't release on 3DS due to what Nintendo has reportedly deemed to be "questionable religious content". Click here to read the full article More...
  12. C

    Transfer official Content from PS3 to PSP

    Believe it or not, despite having a CFW on my PSP, I'm buying all my games original. I keep the CFW only to get rid of the UMD annoyances (by dumping the games into the m-stick) and to play some forgotten abandonware through emulators. Now I have a Problem. I bought a PS1 game from PSN and I...
  13. C

    Re-ordering games using PSP Content Manager v1.8

    Hey there, I'm trying to re-order my ISO games on my memory card using PSP Content Manager v1.8. I can do it in the software but even when I apply my changes, nothing happens on my PSP. Is it because of my custom firmware (6.20 PRO-B8)? Thanks
  14. C

    plz help ,,, psp memory stick not using any content

    i recently plugged psap ona shared copmuter , and i got a virus which created exe file of every thing like VIDEO>EXE etc, i cleaned it using an antivirus but now when i open it i shows nothing , absolutely nothing, i tried to unhide the hidden files , nothing evethen , the used memory is same 6...
  15. F

    More Downloadable Content Announced For Disgaea 3

    In late April, Nippon Ichi Software offered a first online update for its PlayStation 3 RPG Disgaea 3. More downloadable content apparently is already on the way, though. Until next January, the company plans to offer additional content on a monthly basis. Specifically this means new characters...
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