Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question

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Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question
Hello guys, hopefully this forum is still active as most sega or dc forums are now inactive or shutdown from hackers but I just bought this from china.

I have 3 questions.

1 - When I get it, can I d/l a 2011 roster which is a dci file or whatever from my pc via online, put it on sd card in my pc sd slot, put sd card in sd reader of dc, open file in dreamshell 4 cd, then transfer the dvi nba 2k2 2011 roster from sd to my actual dc vmu ?

I hope yes.

2 - What brand sd cards or size can I use 4gb or 32 gb or ?

3 - One last thing, where do I d/l back up ISOs of WORKING sd card games dc games like I have sonic 1 but can I d/l iso or can I burn my sega sonic 1 cd to sd on dreamcast (I believe I must install dreamshell IN my dc but I don't want to put 4 rc1 beta in my system) ?
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