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    Infinite Weight In Camp 📄 Description? Sick of moving ores between bases on multiple rounds? Realized your pal made a bit too much wood while you were gone and now you can't transfer it all? Or simply want to have more freedom in your own camp? This mod simply adds a ton of...
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    Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question

    Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question Hello guys, hopefully this forum is still active as most sega or dc forums are now inactive or shutdown from hackers but I just bought this from china. I have 3 questions. 1 - When I get it, can I d/l a 2011 roster which is a dci file...
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    How do I transfer saves from my PC to my VMU?

    I'm trying to use VMU Tool aka Dream Explorer. I have the DC connected to my PC via the broadband adapter, but when I select "Open PC" on VMU Tool I get this message: "You must connect your PC to your Dreamcast with a coder's cable or a BBA, and launch Dream Explorer's binary with DC Load + DC...
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    transfer saves from emulator to dreamcast hardware

    So the story is I don't own a dreamcast YET anyway and I've been playing dreamcast games on the reicast emulator on my samsung galaxy s3 (which isn't the ideal way to play dreamcast games ) but I have a few save games in sonic adventure (completed windy valley with sonic ) , soul calibur...
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    Transfer official Content from PS3 to PSP

    Believe it or not, despite having a CFW on my PSP, I'm buying all my games original. I keep the CFW only to get rid of the UMD annoyances (by dumping the games into the m-stick) and to play some forgotten abandonware through emulators. Now I have a Problem. I bought a PS1 game from PSN and I...
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    File transfer help!!

    Hi guys and gals newbie here with a problem needs help.When i try to transfer a cso or iso file to the iso folder in my psp this error message comes up"error 0x80070057:the parameter is incorrect".I have a psp 2003 with cfw 6.60pro b.9.Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.
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    Can you connect a PS3 Controller to a PSP 3000, or transfer UMDs to the PSP Go?

    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I thought this would be the best section to post my question in. I own a PSP 1000, a PSP 3000, a PSP Go, and a PS3 (I also own a PS1, PS2 fat, and PS2 Slim but that's not important right now XD). I just recently recieved the Kingdom Hearts...
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    transfer PSP save file to epsxe and vice versa

    is it possible to transfer epsxe save files to be used in psp and vice versa?
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    How to transfer files?

    Hey guys!! I use my N95 to browse net. Is there any way to transfer files from my N95 to PSP via wifi? So it will be better that I transfer files directly from my mobile.
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