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So the story is I don't own a dreamcast YET anyway and I've been playing dreamcast games on the reicast emulator on my samsung galaxy s3 (which isn't the ideal way to play dreamcast games ) but I have a few save games in sonic adventure (completed windy valley with sonic ) , soul calibur (unlocked yoshimitsu), shenmue (just started exploring dobuita) and skies or arcadia (looking for shrine island to recover the moon stone after nearly 4 hours of gamepaly EPIC) , I was wondering if it was possible to transfer my save files from the reicast emulated vmu1 and vmu2 to an actual vmu to continue playing on a real dreamcast when I do eventually get one . Would transferring save game data to a real dreamcast vmu also be possible from other emulators like null dc and chankast and if so how ?

sorry if posted under the wrong topic
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