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  1. F

    PSP Game List as of 21/3/10

    Total Games: 712 Total Codes: 8810 EU Games: 269 JP Games: 157 US Games: 253 Other Games: 33 No GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo GlitchNo...
  2. F

    Gran Turismo PSP USA version CWCheats

    _S UCUS-98632 _G Gran Turismo [USA] _C0 100,000,000 _L 0x2080EA00 0x05F5E100 _C1 99 Lap Modifier _L 0x21517830 0x00000063 _L 0x21517834 0x00000063 _L 0x21517838 0x00000063 _L 0x2151A114 0x00000063 _L 0x21530894 0x00000063 _L 0x215309E0 0x00000063 _S UCUS-98632 _G Gran Turismo USA _C0 Stop...
  3. C

    Confused. PS3 controller on PSP?

    Im clueless. googled, and searched on here, but i cant figure out what i need to do I want to play my psp using my ps3 controller. I have- PS3 slim 320gb, 3.55 firmware, unhacked one ps3 controller PSP running cfw 5.50 gen-d prom-4 TV laptop with wifi (and no bluetooth wtf?) Is it remote...
  4. C

    Possible PSP brick? Green light but MMS won't work.

    I recently pulled my old psp out of the cupboard and since I dont use it anymore decided to mod it. It's a slim (2002 model number) and I bought it december 2007. Its the simpsons edition so its yellow. Anywho I opened the battery and Im positive I cut the correct line. I put the battery in and...
  5. C

    PSP iso loaders for HEN6_35

    hi guys, i wanted to know about iso loaders for HEN 6.35.
  6. C

    How do you get Comics to work in PSP?

    So I have the new update that allows you to view comics on your psp. How do you get them too work? Can you upload comics that you have saved on your comp? I have .cbz files and I am wondering if I can transfer them somewhere to get them working?
  7. C

    Can a PSP 3004 6.31 FW be reverted back to normal after it has been hacked?

    Basicly the title of the topic... It has the Prometheus ISO loader. Can it be reverted back to normal ?
  8. C

    NBA 2k11 on a PSP 3000 gen-C

    I have a PSP 3000 gen-C and I'm trying to play NBA 2k11, but it's not working. Can anyone help me? Thanks..
  9. C

    psp game slows

    good day every one.my game god of war ghost of sparta suddenly hangs after i updated to version 6.35 genb3.what should i do?please help.thanx
  10. C

    PSP GO 6.35 Pro-B3 question

    ok so i just found out i can put this new firmware on my psp go which i did, and its really good i like it can do alot of things i think? i just dont kno what it can do i was running regular 6.35 Pro which had the iso loader an that was really just about it, but i just wanted to ask what does...
  11. C

    PSP on PC?

    Would anyone know a good way to play your PSP on your PC or if its possible?
  12. C

    Is there an REAL cfw for psp 3004 ??

    I mean that is there an cfw for psp 3004 (3000) which is permanent not temporary like TN or PRO b 3 ?? Currently i am on 6.35 PRO b3 ___________________________________________________________________ psp : 3004 TA - 090 v2 AkA brite 6.35 Pro b3 3004 gt5 edition 5.70 ofw
  13. C

    Need Help With My PSP 3000

    I have here a PSP 3000 5.03 gen-c and I can't play games like MLB 11 the show & NBA 2k11. When I start the game the scrren would turn to color gray and says "The Game could not be started"and then go back to main screen. And theres a number under it (80020148) But I can play games like Tekken...
  14. C

    how can I watch TV on my PSP ?

    hi all again with this question: how can I watch TV on my PSP ? for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSLmkARUMBg&feature=related thnx in advence
  15. C

    need help hacking my kids psp

    Hello new here i came across by a search for hacking psp's i bought my son a psp off ebay it's PSP-1003 DATE CODE 6D it has a mic button also I bought him a pandora battery so I could try and get him a few games of the net tried a tutorial I found on U-tube did not seem to work for me dont...
  16. C

    mgs psp disc change how?

    I have psp cfw 6.37 ME-7 ps1 games are all working fine but I'm now wondering one the ps1 classic metal gear solid has 2 cds both have. files img as eboot converts have both in a folder by copying a PSP game I've renamed to 2EBOOT.PBP because the first is already EBOOT.PBP the game but I can...
  17. C

    PSP 2001 Slim - Battery Issue

    I'm trying to go through other threads regarding having a battery issue, and some of what I read sounds like the problem I'm having, but everything else sounds somewhat convoluted to me... I recently recieved a PSP Slim 2001 running Prome 5.03 and without warning (while plugged up via USB), it...
  18. C

    Need help my psp 3000 6.20 i dont know what homebrew to use or to hack?

    pls help me im a noob of this hack thing plss help me....
  19. C

    psp RIN & tgb dual help

    ok i wasnt sure where this should go but its halfly about psp help so here goes. Im trying to trade pokemon(Crystal to Gold) using my sav files for RIN on my psp...i CAN do that thats not the problem....but is there any way ican put it back on my psp with the traded pokemon there?? because the...
  20. C

    Found my psp...

    Well, after awhile I remember hacking my psp so it actually boots up everytime in a custom firmware and I could play PS1 games on it. Well, I kinda found my other psp and it is a 2001. It is still using 3.71 official firmware. Does anyone know a good route to go with getting a custom firmware on it?
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