PSP won't read Memory Stick after CFW install? Need Help. Love you LONG TIME.


PSP Phat 1000 - was 6.3 or something

Well to start it off, I went to mod my PSP, so I used "pspgrader" to make a MMS, with the "500.PHB", and ordered a Pandora Battery (So I would have a Pandora Battery and an original Battery) and got all of them together. Realized I had to angle the Pandora Battery to get a charge, got it fully charged, and put in the MMS, held the L Button, put in the Pandora Battery, and voila! it worked. I had installed everything and now have System Software : 5.00 M33-4. Got some backups on one memory card, and a PSX and GBA backups and emulators on another, and everything worked great. Both Memory Cards were MMS's at this point.

Well I turn the PSP off, then back on, and it wont load! The Back-light is on, and the orange Memory Card light if blinking rapidly. So I let it sit there for a little over an hour, realized its just doing nothing, and take out the battery. Take out the Memory Card, put the battery back in, turns on fine, still have CFW 5.00 M33-4, so I think I dodged a bullet. Put in the Memory Card, and it wont read. Great. Try the other Memory Card, wont read it either. Try the 3rd 32MB card that came with my PSP, and nothing. Just a blinking orange light. Plug all 3 into my computer and they all read. Did something like formatted a card, and I think I just deleted "500.PHB" from the MMS root (I was quite drunk at this point) and a little later it was working again. So I know it was not a bad Memory Card, or my PSP's Memory Card reader. I play a little FF and go to bed.

Wake up, turn it on, and the Memory Card was still in. Won't load, Back-light is on and orange light is still blinking away. Take it out, works fine, but my PSP won't read Memory Cards again. I can't remember what I did or how to fix it.

Question is, does anyone know a solution, i.e. installing an OFW without a Memory Card, formatting your MMS 6 times, or anything? Any help would be appreciated.

I can also provide links to programs and guides I used to get to CFW 5.00 M33-4.
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