PSP won't turn on without Magic Memory Stick


I have a PSP Slim running M33-6 and a couple of weeks ago the battery suddenly decided it would not work or charge anymore. Since then my son has been using it just off the mains charger without a battery in until I could get a new one.
Today I've been told my my son the PSP won't work at all. I plugged the mains in as we have been doing but nothing, no green light or anything. I put my Pandora battery in and the green light came on straight away but nothing on screen. I turned the PSP off and back on and still the same.
I took the memory stick out and put the magic memory stick in and the PSP turns on straight away so I re-installed M33. PSP installs it fine and reboots etc. so I tried my memory stick in and the PSP won't turn on again.
I noticed the Pandora Battery could do with charging so I tried to charge it but it doesn't recognize the charger plugged in - it does however charge in USB mode.

I can turn the PSP on with the Pandora Battery and Magic Memory in and then swap the memory sticks whilst turned on to play games, but don't want to do this every time I want to play on it.

Any suggestions? Does it sound like a hardware fault? My son has dropped it a few times which is my fault for letting him use it as he's only 4 years old - but he loves LEGO Star Wars :blush:
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