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  1. C

    I'm in need of an arcade stick

    I know the general consensus is that the Agetec stick is the best. They're also quite pricey (around $75-$100 used). I was wondering if you good folks knew of a better (preferably cheaper) way to go. With all the great shmups and fighters on the DC, I'm a little embarased that it's taken me...
  2. C

    - Xbox 360 stick on Dreamcast controller -

    Well I've just finished this new mod - I had to do this, after playing PSO online on my Dreamcast constantly for the last few nights my thumb is red raw -(an I'm a Steelfixer by trade - out of work at minute though :? ) Anyway here's acouple of pictures: 404 Not Found 404 Not Found Well...
  3. C

    Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick

    Is it true that you can't use the Japanese Import arcade stick on the US versions of the dreamcast? I thought all controllers worked on any system no matter the region.
  4. C

    dreamcast home built arcade stick / PAL dreamcast blue logo

    Just wondering if anyone else had any like this, a friend gave me this a long time ago ! thanks, p.s I also was wondering if anyone could tell me , I saw a PAL dreamcast for sale on ebay w/ the blue logo and it's going for over 200$ w/ only a vmu and 2 controllers , can anyone tell me why ...
  5. C

    dreamcast "panther dc" flight stick minifaq

    Here it is sitting next to a Saturn Mission stick. And here is the pretty "Panther Mode" light. This was made by madcatz and is the only flightstick naturally designed for the dreamcast. It is possible to make a workaround using other systems' sticks with adapters such as the total control...
  6. C

    Which Dreamcast Arcade Stick is best?

    I'm looking to get one of the dreamcast arcade stick attachments and was wondering which one was best. To my knowledge there are two. The Agetec Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick HKT-7300 or the Topmax arcade stick?
  7. C

    Question about the dreamcast arcade stick

    Does the joystick part of the arcade stick map to the Dpad or the joystick on the standard gamepad? IE: If I wanted to use it for say, Tokyo Xtreme Racer or Sonic Adventure, which only does steering and movement through the joystick and not the Dpad on the controller, would I be able to use the...
  8. C

    Arcade stick is just button box

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMXJzBp1Kxs I'm ending up on this side of You Tube a lot.
  9. C

    Price for Dreamcast ASCII stick?

    When I got my Dreamcast in an auction online, it came with two "ASCII Stick FT Special Capcom Version" arcade sticks. One came in the box too, along with some cards showing how to perform some Street Fighter moves. I thought it was a neat extra, but didn't think much more of it at the time...
  10. C

    Blaze Twin Mini DC Stick

    I still need to get a proper snapshot of my collection together, but I thought id at least share one of my rarer Dreamcast pieces. I havent seen many pictures of these anywhere else, but it is a superb arcade stick and was worth the asking price. I plan on replacing both sticks with Sanwa JLF...
  11. C

    TUTORIAL Agetec stick full Sanwa MOD

    i saw a lot of tutorial here (very very nice) but nothing about the official sega dreamcast arcade stick or modding about it.... I hope it could been of help to someone who wants to try it.....i did this video tutorial of my full sanwa mod on my agetec....the original agetec is very...
  12. C

    What grips fit the Dreamcast analog stick?

    In 2011, there were a few posts about some Wii Nunchuck analog stick grips, that apparently fit the Dreamcast's analog stick perfect. Alas, these grips no longer seem to be available, and I would really love to pick up some grips for my DC gamepad. Does anybody know of any other grips that fit...
  13. C

    Arcade stick question

    I'm looking to get an arcade stick. Are the official Dreamcast arcade sticks region free? Are there any other sticks that people like? I was considering getting the official one and modding it with better controls. Thanks
  14. C

    Sturmwind Bug - Arcade Stick Controls

    I have found want I think may be a bug. I play all my games with an arcade stick and I am unable to change to control setup when using the official dreamcast arcade stick. The controls change in the options menu but when I play the game they are stuck on default no matter what option I have them...
  15. C

    Arcade stick

    Is the dreamcast arcade stick compatible with any game that doesn't require anaolog to play ir willl only work with games that specifically have support for it. I'm wondering as i'd like to get one for all the shmups and not necessarily the fighting games. Cheers.
  16. C

    ASCII Mission Stick & Starlancer

    Has anyone tried using it together? I was thinking about buying one.
  17. C

    Crazi Taxi: Analog stick or D pad?

    Hi there, There is a Dreamcast at my work (offshore) and I have been playing Crazy Taxi recently. When I used to play the Dreamcast when I was younger I always used the D-Pad for everything that I could (I still do). I really didn't like the analog as my thumb always slipped off it...
  18. C

    PSP won't turn on without Magic Memory Stick

    I have a PSP Slim running M33-6 and a couple of weeks ago the battery suddenly decided it would not work or charge anymore. Since then my son has been using it just off the mains charger without a battery in until I could get a new one. Today I've been told my my son the PSP won't work at all...
  19. C

    What is wrong with my Memory Stick

    I connect my PSP on my desktop and I open my Virtual Machine then captured the USB port, but I got an error, so I disconnect my PSP to my computer but when I try to use my PSP, it said that "There is no Memory Stick Inserted", and even I connect again to my desktop, it says that "Insert Disc"...
  20. C

    PSP detects memory stick but can't read off of it

    I'm using a PSP 1000 with a TA-081 motherboard I picked up off Ebay, and I'm currently on 5.00 M33-4. The problem with it is, it won't load anything off the memory stick, but it can see it, and all the programs on it. I can MMS/pandora it; the whole hold down L-trigger thing, and I can upgrade...
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