Possible PSP brick? Green light but MMS won't work.


I recently pulled my old psp out of the cupboard and since I dont use it anymore decided to mod it.
It's a slim (2002 model number) and I bought it december 2007. Its the simpsons edition so its yellow.
Anywho I opened the battery and Im positive I cut the correct line. I put the battery in and the green power light comes on but nothing happens (as expected)
I then followed this guide: http://www.pspmod.com/forums/psp-hardware-guides/23428-guide-making-pandoras-battery-new-method.html
And made a MMS. I know it worked because on the DOS window it says "Write MS BOOT CODE" after the last step.

The problem: When I put the memory stick into the psp and turn it on, nothing happens. The green power light comes on but the memory stick and wifi LED's dont flash (as they are supposed to.) and the screen remains blank.
Have I done something wrong?
Check the Battery Cut: Ensure that you correctly cut the correct line on the battery. If it's not cut correctly, the battery may not be functioning as intended. Double-check your work and make sure it matches the instructions you followed.

Check the Memory Stick: Ensure that the Magic Memory Stick (MMS) is created correctly. Make sure you used the appropriate software to create it, and it completed the process without any errors. You can try recreating the MMS to see if that resolves the issue.

Compatibility: Ensure that the memory stick you're using is compatible with the PSP modding process. It should be a Memory Stick Pro Duo, and its capacity should match the requirements of the modding software.

Battery Charge: Make sure the battery has a sufficient charge. If it's too low, it may not power the PSP properly. Try charging the battery for a while before attempting to use it.

Test on a Different PSP: If possible, try the Pandora's Battery and Magic Memory Stick on another PSP to see if it works. This will help determine if the issue is with your modding tools or with the PSP itself.

Brick Recovery: If you suspect that your PSP may be bricked (rendered inoperable), you might need to look into unbricking methods specific to your PSP model. There are different methods for unbricking, so you should search for resources or forums dedicated to PSP modding and unbricking for guidance.

Firmware Compatibility: Ensure that the firmware version on your PSP is compatible with the modding process you're attempting. Some methods may only work with specific firmware versions.

Follow the Guide Closely: Revisit the guide you mentioned and follow each step meticulously. Sometimes, even a small mistake in the process can cause issues.

Seek Help from Modding Communities: If you're still facing issues, it might be beneficial to seek assistance from PSP modding forums or communities. They often have experienced users who can provide guidance and troubleshoot specific problems.
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