my psp won't load up after installing CFW


it's psp slim, dunno what's the motherboard model, i think the OFW version is 5.03 . here how i started,

I loaded the ChickHENR2 to my psp, than using Hellcat's Recovery Flasher i tried to load into a 5.00 M33-4 CFW, all seemed to going well until the installing is finished and the flasher said 'press any button to restart', and so i pressed a button, so it shut down(the light is not on, so the power is off, right?). so i tried to turn it on, but my psp won't even load up to the welcome screen. after waiting for a while, i tried to turn it off, but it won't turn off either. so i removed the battery and tried to turn it on again, still the screen won't boot up. what did i do wrong? can it be fixed?
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