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    RS3 MAINTENANCE UPDATE: 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 PSA: We're taking game worlds offline urgently as we're investigating an issue with player display names. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, a 15-min timer will appear shortly. We've also turned off the...
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    Intel Security Issue Update: Progress Continues on Firmware Updates

    Intel continues to work closely with industry partners to protect customers against the security exploits disclosed by Google Project Zero. As I shared January 22, we identified the root cause of the reboot issue affecting the initial Broadwell and Haswell microcode updates. Since then, we’ve...
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    GamePro Magazine Issue #129 Scan

    Here's GamePro Magazine Issue #129 (June 1999) which I scanned so my fellow DC-Talk members may enjoy it. I was originally going to scan the whole thing but it would take forever so I just did the Dreamcast related articles. I have a list of articles and a download link on my site, Dreamcast...
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    GamePro Magazine Issue #127 Scan

    Here's GamePro Magazine Issue #127 (April 1999) which I scanned so my fellow DC-Talk members may enjoy it. Only the Dreamcast articles were scanned. Only a couple in this one. Go here to download: Magazine Scans - Dreamcast Live Some notable items in this issue are: Sonic Adventure Review...
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    Marvel vs Capcom Display Issue

    I just got my dreamcast stuff and out of all the games I got this is the only one that will not display on my screen. I get the Capcom logo then my TV goes blue no picture. I thought I read that it cannot output to VGA but standard hookup would be fine, but here is my setup. Standard...
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    Shenmue Undub: Download issue

    Yo Dreamcast bros Some nice person made something called Shenmue Undub, which you all are probably familiar with. The download links for the game roms are here: Shenmue Dojo • View topic - Shenmue Undub [Japanese Speech Mod] [CD-R 80/99/GDI] But no matter how many times I try to download it...
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    Shenmue freezing issue

    Yo guys I have an issue. So recently I have been playing Shenmue Undub. (By the way I think it's awesome and recommend it to everyone. This is how the game should have been released in the English-speaking world, not with that terrible dub.) I got through Disc 1 and everything was perfectly...
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    Issue with RGB scart

    So Im use rgb scart for dreamcast the issue I'm having is that when I play skies of arcadia via RGB it shows me four split-screens I'll attach the pictures. It only happen with that game my other games work fine, but when I used composite the game works fine. Im using an euro rgb scart and a...
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    DreamShell issue... help needed, please.

    So I used "DreamShell 4.0 RC 4 + Boot Loader" to make a disc that my DC reads and loads... but then I get to a screen that reads: DreamShell boot loader v2.4 Boot from RAM Boot from CD I don't have the SD card reader but I just wanted to see if I could run DreamShell from the disc... I can't...
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    Shadow Issue?

    Hi. Has anyone encountered this shadow issue (actual photo attached)? Is it the Dreamcast unit (what part is damaged), the PC CRT or the VGA box (Retrobit) that's at fault. What could be the fix? The shadow goes away after awhile. Thank you in advance. God bless, Proverbs 31
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    NeoDC Win10 issue fixed. Thank you for replies everyone

    So as you may or may not know we at NeoDC have been trying to help people along with many projects inclduing on and off console development, and game releases (either with fixes or never before seen games on cd). Me, mrneo240, had to recently upgrade to windows 10 for classes and know my...
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    Promethius 1-4CFW Issue

    Phantasy Star portable 2 will not connect with players while online. Phantasy Star Portable 2 works perfectly with 5.00 M33-6, and 5.50 Gen D-D3 CFW. I have brought this to attention many times but every time I have been ignored.
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    PSP 2001 Slim - Battery Issue

    I'm trying to go through other threads regarding having a battery issue, and some of what I read sounds like the problem I'm having, but everything else sounds somewhat convoluted to me... I recently recieved a PSP Slim 2001 running Prome 5.03 and without warning (while plugged up via USB), it...
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    Home Brew Loader issue

    Hello, I am having some issues with the newest home brew loader. I have a PSP 3001 model running 6.35. I followed the instructions on the download page for the loader, but when I start the game and go into the menu option for load game (I'm assuming it's load game as I don't speak JP), it...
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    635HEN, PSP saving issue.

    I don't know if my psp is getting old or whatever, but here goes: I've been experiencing saving issues on my psp right now. Currently playing G Generation World, and the game would freeze when it is trying to access my memory card when saving after may be 30mins~ or so of gameplay. After that I...
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    Upgrade issue???????

    i have a psp2004 recently upgraded it to the 5.50 and put prometheus 4 on top(some games not working) so i tried to put cwcheats on but to no avail but thought if i upgraded it tothe latest firmware it might solve it but when i tried using 6.35 pro-b2 ofw it says my system version 9.90 so i am...
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    MemorY card Cofusing issue

    hey GuyZ !! I jusT wenT 2 A market anD bouGht a 16 GB memOry Card ... i knew that it waz a fakE card as the shoP keeper told me Because the new onE was very Expensive ... nOw wheN thAt caRd came in Use it works Fine With All the games running .... iT just had 1 problem with TN hen D ... It...
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    6.60 PRO-B9 settings issue, any ideas?

    Just installed the aforementioned CFW, and now every option I choose in the settings menu causes the system to freeze, then power down. Any ideas as to why it does that? Also, any fixes? Thank you in advance. The guide I used...
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    Freezing issue, - not software related.

    Alright so I've been to the help section and was told that it looks like its not a software issue and that I should try here. I was told 1god1king could help me out. So the issue is that at random times, my psp will freeze, and then shut down 10 seconds later. Through over 12 hours of trial...
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    PSP3000 issue with UMD

    I am having problem with my mainboard, when i insert UMD and as soon as i close UMD door the message "Disc could not be read" pop up, so i replaced mainboard and it work so the Laser is not faulty. Then try to replace UMD driver IC still the message!! .. is there any other ic that related to...
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