NeoDC Win10 issue fixed. Thank you for replies everyone

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So as you may or may not know we at NeoDC have been trying to help people along with many projects inclduing on and off console development, and game releases (either with fixes or never before seen games on cd).

Me, mrneo240, had to recently upgrade to windows 10 for classes and know my complete setup for generating new releases is broken.

Before i had the process down for most games to: extract gdi, run a program, mount the file, rip to CDI. Very simple and very quick. It was using mostly older tools on Windows 8 x64.

Now though im on Windows 10 x64 Pro, and had to use slightly newer tools. Daemon tools had to be upgraded to "Daemon Tools lite 5.0.1" and that is the only other thing that has changed. I still use Disc Juggler 3.0.4 and all of my tools are the same.

NONE of tests to generate a working release have worked. Every time it tries to boot and i get the dreamcast logo and then it returns to the main menu CD PLayer. All of my old releases mounted in daemon tools work, but nothing new.

PLEASE HELP! We have 2 other members in the group but they mainly focus on programming/reversing.

P.S. if none of this makes sense to you, that is ok! Thanks for checking!!
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