GamePro Magazine Issue #129 Scan

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Here's GamePro Magazine Issue #129 (June 1999) which I scanned so my fellow DC-Talk members may enjoy it. I was originally going to scan the whole thing but it would take forever so I just did the Dreamcast related articles.


I have a list of articles and a download link on my site, Dreamcast Live:
Magazine Scans - Dreamcast Live

Some notable items in this issue are:

Early screenshots of Shenmue on page 69.
Mention of Half Life (never released) on page 73.
Project Velocity (renamed TrickStyle) and Climax Landers (renamed Time Stalkers) on pages 72 and 86 respectively.

I have four more which I am going to scan. All around the release of the Dreamcast. Issue #127 (April 1999), Issue #131 (August 1999), Issue #132 (September 1999), and Issue #133 (October 1999).
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