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    Need help with psp powerin issue!!!

    I am having an issue with this psp slim and it is driving me crazy! Ok I have one working psp slim and decided to buy a second one online. After I bought it I was performing a firmware upgrade and the battery fell out of back (I didn't know that the battery case did not fully latch). Anyhow to...
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    Weird battery issue

    Pretty much I hard modded (cut the wire inside, did not do the de-saudering) my psp 2000 battery so that I could boot into recovery mode and Install Gen-D3. Yesterday I decided to show my friend what it looked like when it booted up into the recovery mode. However the battery is now acting like...
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    UMD laser or housing psp 2001 issue

    I recently bought a highly beat up PSP 2001 from a pawn shop. I got a really good deal on it, so I didn't pass it up. Besides an obvious analog pad issue (I'm gonna replace it) it also has an issue when playing UMD games. The issue I have is that whenever I play a UMD game, I "randomly" get...
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    Picodrive sega cd fmv games issue

    Hi All, First time poster but long time user of the website - I am using the sega cd picodrive software on my psp which i put togeather using the excellent tutorials on this site however, when trying to play certain roms using the sega cd it will not start the game it just dumps me to the...
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    Jackie Chan Stuntmaster PS1-PSP ISSUE

    Hi I have a NTSC version of the ps1 game: Jackie Chan Stuntmaster which I converted to an eboot for my psp. But it will not work... When a start it from the XMB, it shows the PS1 logo and then shows a picture thing with midway and some writing... it then just goes to a black screen afterwards...
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    Slim3004/9g corrupted file ISO issue

    Heya folks, got my very first PSP today, updated from OFW 3.60 to LCFW 6.39 ProB8, LCFW 6.39ME-8, & 6.39 TN-Xtended. everythings working well, except for the .iso loading, always get the "corrupted file" image of the game. i tried everything i found on the web, putting the ISO folder in the...
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