Shenmue freezing issue

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Yo guys

I have an issue.

So recently I have been playing Shenmue Undub. (By the way I think it's awesome and recommend it to everyone. This is how the game should have been released in the English-speaking world, not with that terrible dub.)

I got through Disc 1 and everything was perfectly fine. Most of the dialogue was translated, my DC didn't suffer while reading the disc, and everything ran smoothly with no audio glitches. But then I start disc 2 and something has happened TWICE. I have lost my save file and have been forced to play from the beginning of disc 2.

What happens is, at some point in the game, I try to interact with an object, and the game stops. It freezes. The screen stays in that position; the music continues but I cannot get out of that screen or do anything. (Well, the first time it happened I could pause but that's all).

So I have to turn off my Dreamcast.

But I turn it back on and the game does not start from the last save point; it starts from the very beginning of disc 2 (when Ryo first arrives at Yokosuka harbor).

What exactly is happening and how can I avoid it?
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