635HEN, PSP saving issue.


I don't know if my psp is getting old or whatever, but here goes:

I've been experiencing saving issues on my psp right now. Currently playing G Generation World, and the game would freeze when it is trying to access my memory card when saving after may be 30mins~ or so of gameplay. After that I need to shut down the psp, reboot, and load the game again.

But same thing would happen except psp would freeze while saving.

Also the game gets corrupted as I go on, some texts become monster characters. Yet the game can go on forever...only if I don't save.

My psp currently is running 635 HEN. I wonder if i format flash1 or something can solve this issue, or would I need to do a complete downgrade? (or a new psp?) Is there an optimal cpu speed..etc settings for the game?

Thanks for your help!
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