PSP 2001 Slim - Battery Issue


I'm trying to go through other threads regarding having a battery issue, and some of what I read sounds like the problem I'm having, but everything else sounds somewhat convoluted to me...

I recently recieved a PSP Slim 2001 running Prome 5.03 and without warning (while plugged up via USB), it cut off. Plugging it back up via ac adaptor would allow it to run for about 3 minutes before shutting down again. The charge light doesn't even come on either.

I took the battery out and then plugged it up, and it runs fine without shutting off. The power light led is even green now. Ever since I've had it, the led has always been orange. Could that have meant that my battery was already on it's last leg? The battery inside is Model No. PSP-360... pretty much all it has on it.

Like earlier on some posts, mine would also show no recognition about a battery installed in the system info (it would just show external power source), but yet, the battery icon in the top-right hand side of the screen still shows and it shows having a full charge also.

I was pondering that having it set up as USB charge may have messed it up, but I have no idea. I turned the USB charge off regardless. I'm using a USB cable that shows 5V on it, so maybe it could've been the source of the problem? Again, I have no idea.

Basically, I'm venting and totally stumped as to what I can do... and hopefully get a lameman's guide as to possible solutions.

Oh yeah, the guy I got the PSP from said it's a regular battery and to not use a Pandora Battery.... Yet another reason why I'm posting this.

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