One day I was upgrading my PSP GO from 6.20FW to 6.35 fw. I placed the FW onto PSP/GAME/UPDATE. When i did that I launched the 6.35 FW installer. When I accepted all the agreements and I started the update. Just as I started it It said something like reinsert the memory card. So i did I took it out and I put it back in again. I did this 30 times. I realized that I should turn off the PSP. It warned me about my PSP not booting back up again. Even with that warning I proceeded with turning it off. When I wanted to turn it back on the Green power LED was on but there wasn't anything on the screen. After 20 seconds it would just turn off. Every time i try turning it back on the same thing would happen.

Link of the Video with the symptom for download under this line.

Any solution to how I can fix this FW Corruption problem???

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