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    Can a PSP 3004 6.31 FW be reverted back to normal after it has been hacked?

    Basicly the title of the topic... It has the Prometheus ISO loader. Can it be reverted back to normal ?
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    HELP! Updating from 4.01 M33-2 to latest FW please!!!!

    Hey guys, haven't touched my PSP in a couple of years and i would like to play the latest games. Right now i have the 4.01 M33-2 FW. Could someone point me in the direction of a tutorial to upgrade to the latest FW, whatever that is? Thanks!
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    PSP 3001 on FW 6.20

    Hi folks, I need your help please. I have a PSP 3001 on FW 6.20 that I need to hack so I can play ISOs on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !
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    Useing version.txt to downgrade to the lowest possible FW

    I have a psp 1003 (A.K.A Phat), I am on FW 6.20 TN-E. I want to downgrade to FW 5.50 GEN-D (full) I am able to downgrade to 5.02 OFW or higher useing the version.txt(5.00) then install a FW higher than 5.00, i install OFW 5.03 then try to install ChikenR2 but i never can i've tryed to for hours...
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    Updating Psp FW 3.40 OE/A to the Latest FW?

    Hello,Its been a long time since I used these Forums,I own a PSP 1001-B model...I believe its the 082 motherboard thingy?from what i remember....I was wondering whats the best way to update my current FW to the latest version?since im already on VERSION 3.40 OE/A...i tryed to play GOD OF WAR [...
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    ChickHEN FW Compatability and Reinstallation Question

    Does ChickHEN for 5.03 (R2, I think?) work for 5.00 firmware? What is the process for reinstalling ChickHEN and reinstalling Prometheus for 5.00M33-6 once I do a full shutdown of my PSP? Am I right in thinking that all I need to do is download HEN for 5.00 and put the files in the right place...
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    One day I was upgrading my PSP GO from 6.20FW to 6.35 fw. I placed the FW onto PSP/GAME/UPDATE. When i did that I launched the 6.35 FW installer. When I accepted all the agreements and I started the update. Just as I started it It said something like reinsert the memory card. So i did I took it...
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    need help to downgrade fw

    hello guys . i have psp 3006 wid 6.35pro firmware and i m trying to downgrade it to fw 6.20 . I followed this tutorial http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/downgrading-from-firmware-6-3x-to-firmware-6-t296612/ and getting ERROR , updater MD5 mismatch ! the module of my psp is 9g so can u pls tell...
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    PSP-2000 FW 6.60 Downgrade without Pandora Battery

    Hey, I have a psp-2000 which was hacked before when i bought it in Dubai (CFW-Prome) but my friend updated my psp to the latest firmware to 6.60. Just my luck they don't sell Pandora battery's in India (Bangalore). I tried to buy it online but no luck... please i miss all my homebrew apps...
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