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    PSP GO 6.35 Pro-B3 question

    ok so i just found out i can put this new firmware on my psp go which i did, and its really good i like it can do alot of things i think? i just dont kno what it can do i was running regular 6.35 Pro which had the iso loader an that was really just about it, but i just wanted to ask what does...
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    psp go 6.37

    just bought a memory card to help hack this thing is it possible and if s what do i need thank you
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    PSP GO!! Last question ever!

    i promise this is the last question about PSP GO lol. but i was wondering, since the PSP Go has 16gb's of internal memory, were do i put the ISO/CSO Files? on the internal memory? or a M2 Memory Stick?
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    Psp go ?

    I'm gonna buy the PSP GO tomorrow and I would like to be directed of referenced to a CLEAR guide on how to install CFW on my GO. Basically, I have one small question. When I'm gonna buy my psp, I will probably update it to 6.35 and then install 6.35 PRO-B3. But before the installing part; must...
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    PSP GO help

    I just bought a PSP GO and I was wondering how to use CFW on it for loading PSP ISO's. Can I know which CFW is the best to use along with the tutorial for it? I am quite afraid that if I did it wrongly I might just brick the PSP. My PSP GO is currently on OFW 6.30.
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    Can the PSP Go Be Hacked

    I promise I tried to find the answer before asking, but there have been so many threads and so many updates to the hacks and what not, that I can't find the correct answer anywhere now. Can a new PSP GO be hacked? If I purchased one today (provided it was a 6.35 or below) could I hack the thing...
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    PSP Go carrying case

    im looking for a carrying case for a psp go, one that i can clip to my belt, sort of like a cellphone case, does anybody know any good ones? if so can you please point me in the right direction with a link please and tahnkyou
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    black screen psp go after installing gameboot

    I installed gameboot on my psp go, some screens was working but the last video haved an error and the psp put on black screen, now i cant boot anything, can have a fix for it? thanks
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    can psp go be hacked and load iso?

    can anyone confirms if the psp go can be hacked and load iso? im gonna buy one so please help out. IM gonna get it with firmware 6.2 firmware
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    Modding a PSP Go with 6.10

    I bought a premodded PSP Go for one of my kids that has 6.35 Pro A2. I just bought another go for my other son off ebay that seems to be stock, with 6.10 firmware. I didn't want to update it out of fear I couldn't mod it. I looked at the tutorial and saw instructions on how to mod it if you...
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    How to Jailbreak my PSP GO?

    I have heard from friends that my PSP go can be jailbreaked just like the othe PSP handheld models. Please let me know how or if its possible to Jailbreak it. I have a PSP Go which i had purchased in KSA. I only had 10 original games. I wanted to have games which i can play in my PSP go without...
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    My PSP Go is broke sending to sony for free

    I got off from work waited for my mom to come pick me up and slipped my PSP open to play some delicious FFVIII to find my PSP Gos slider was messed up. The right side of the screen half of the system was falling off. I came home called sony. Told me my warranty was good since I bought it in...
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    Got A new PSP Go

    Can you guide me the right way to Hack this PSP Go 1004 6.30 I just like to be sure how to hack this unit so that i will not brick it, BTW What are the Situations that May brick a PSP?
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    need help please "psp go "

    i have my psp go n1001 for almost two years i never use it since then , afew days i decided to use it once its ask me to update the system the battery die while the update was 50% and now , once i turn it on the green light goes on for afew secounds then its turn off and nothing showing on the...
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    Running BBCSII on PSP Go 6.31 HEN with prometheous ISO Loader

    I'm going to be buying a PSP Go soon with ofw 6.31, but before I do i'm just wondering if I'll have any problems playing BlazBlue Continuum Shift II with 6.31 HEN and prometheus iso loader? I know I've had problems running a few other games before with prom iso loader, so I want to make sure...
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    Trying to determine which method to use to hack my psp go, please help

    Hey folks, I've got a PSP Go at firmware 6.20 and I'm a little confused as to which method is best to hack it. Would it be best to upgrade to 6.35 and then run 6.35 PRO-B3? Or is there a better method for 6.20? Any advice would be appreciated. I know 6.35 PRO works, but if there's a better...
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    PSP GO, the way to go?

    Hi I'm new into the psp scene so im still deciding what to do with my psp go. It is currently running 5.70. The doubt here is what to upgrade to?, from what ive seen theres a 6.20 TN PERM and not PERM and the 6.35 PRO (going on B3) that isnt a PERM solution. Don't know if theres any other...
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    Anyway to get full screen tv output on psp go?

    Fusa will simply freeze all my games, but I have a huge ass tv and playing at half screen size is quite annoying. Are there any other homebrew apps that can do this? I'm running 6.35 PRO-B3. Anyone who can help me get full screen, has my utmost blessing.
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    Psp go 6.20

    Hey guys so today I got a Go from GameStop it was on 6.60 but I just downgraded it to 6.20 not sure where to go from here any suggestions?? just in case it matters, the PSP's Module is 05g
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    Trouble Loading Certain ISOs on PSP Go

    Recently I've realized that certain games in ISO format have trouble loading on my PSP Go. I'm running 6.20 PRO Nightly. Two main games I'm having problems with are Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The reason I list them as separate games are because they are...
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