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    Bricked PSP 2000 slim still can't work

    I am getting really bored after my psp 2000 slim got bricked for over six months now.I've tried everything possible but it is still totally bricked...i was using a pandora battery before i made it normal again.Immediately i insert the battery, the green light keeps showing and doesn't off.I hold...
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    PSPGO bricked upgrading to OFW 6.35

    So i recently tried to upgrade the firmware of the PSPGO and i wasn't sure if the hen was still on or not, but we couldnt upgrade at the time because it was low on battery and it said it'll auto update when it charges enough, so we leave the house, come back and it told us to call tech service...
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    Bricked PSP Help

    My psp was bricked recently. I installed a new motherboard, but found out that for some reason, when I had this new motherboard in, the psp wouldn't charge, so I switched back to the old one. When I did this, my psp bricked. Now, when, I try to unbrick it, it doesn't work. I can't figure out...
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    Bricked or Not

    Hi to all i have psp 2000 TA088-V3 in 6.20 tn-d permanent then i downgrade to 5.03 official firmware..then when the update of 5.03 finished it restarts then sony logo appears then white screen.....what is the problem of my psp ??is it bricked or not ???can it fix using the...
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    Help Needed! PSP Bricked?

    When I was trying to install a custom theme via flash0, I think I may have deleted a wrong file or something because when I rebooted my PSP, the power light would go on for about 15 seconds and shut off, with nothing on the screen. I have a PSP 1001 runing 5.00 m33-6 (I think that's what it is)...
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    Bricked psp 2001, Can somebody tell me how?

    i was trying to install custom firmware onto my buddies 6.39 unmodified psp. i installed home brew enabler, and ran the ME custom firmware install. after the installation was complete, it said to press x to reset the psp, but the screen was frozen and now i get a black screen with a solid...
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    is it bricked

    hello all ,firstly ill tell you ive had a virus on my computer ,and do a new install of windows 7 ,,installed a anitvirus and scaned again ,,,now im clean,,,BUT i had a external hdd with movies and othe folders ,,,the virus got hold of this aswell and made every folder short cuts ,,,,so save a...
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    Error 80010018 when trying to update semi bricked PSP 3000

    Have PSP 3000 with 6.20 Pro-B9 Perma that is in semi bricked state. Tried using the app by punker69 to fix a semi bricked psp but when trying to install the update it gives the " error 80010018 cannot read memory stick....". Have an official Sony MS and reads fine on my other psp. Also...
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    selling Bricked SONY PSP

    SO this is a bricked psp 3004 which was running 6.20 TN permanent hen it is just 2 months old so i am willing to sell you the following things -PSP 3000 CHARGER -PSP ORIGINAL SONY BATTERY (that comes with psp 3000 just 2 months old) -the screen of psp is laminated so you can use the lamination...
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    Bricked PSP

    I just flash a new NAND to my psp now it won't turn on or goto recovery:'( Is using the pandora kit my only option ?
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    psp bricked need help

    :blush: psp bricked need help I bought my psp from saudia it is a ta088v3 .data code 8c For about a year i ran games on it via chickhen but one day i installed a wrong one and it instead of showing the stick memory on pc showed up the internel memory which i formated .a green screen appear...
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    PSP is beyond bricked - not even Pandora works

    Hey guys. My PSP-1000 is beyond bricked. It had CFW 5.50 GEN D3 + Prometheus, and I just used it to play Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on UMD and KH: Birth by Sleep on my memory stick. Over time, it started giving me problems turning it on - I'd have to remove and reinsert the battery...
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    I think ma psp is bricked =\

    I was updating ma PSP 3000 to a 6.39 official firmware and it was taking too long (26+ hours) and I decided to take out the batt and restart, when it restarted it loaded the Sony intro then after a blank theme without icons. Is it un fixable or can it ? PLEASE HELP ME
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    One day I was upgrading my PSP GO from 6.20FW to 6.35 fw. I placed the FW onto PSP/GAME/UPDATE. When i did that I launched the 6.35 FW installer. When I accepted all the agreements and I started the update. Just as I started it It said something like reinsert the memory card. So i did I took it...
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    Is my psp 3000 bricked???

    Hi I have PSP 3000 and recently i hacked it to the 6.20 TN-D, everything was working fine until now, my PSP only shows a black screen with the memory stick led flashing after 5 secs... i had shutdown my psp using the vsh menu.....i have the bright and volume boost plugins installed.....please...
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    PSP-2001 bricked when upgrading to 6.20

    When trying to install PSP Custom Firmware 6.20 over a 5.03-GEN my psp goes into a brick. I tried to unbrick with pandora and MMS (DespertarCementerioCFplusv8), but it is not working. No recovery menu, no screen at all, only the green bricked light on the power led. Tried the pandora/MMS with...
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    Chances that Sony would fix a bricked PSP.......

    Hie i recently bricked my PSP 3000 and its not under warranty, what are the chances of sony fixing it and is there any way i could do it on my own? please help....thank you.
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    psp 2003 bricked

    I recently asked for help on here with a psp 2003 that had a green light only..... i made a magic memory stick but im having problems making a Pandora battery on my psp 3003 lME-7 when i try to write the to the battery it says failed does any one know why this may be...... thanks for your help
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    Bricked PSP?

    I have a PSP-1000 that I thought was bricked but whenever I try to reboot it with my pandora battery/magic memory stick combo, nothing happens. I've unbricked dozens of PSP's with my Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick but just to be sure I tested them again on a couple of other PSP's and...
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    How to unbrick a fully Bricked psp 2001 TA-88V3 +

    I have a psp 2001, I was trying to hack it using a pandora battery and MagicStick but it never reached the mod screen........ So I then knew that it was the latest psp slim. I am not exactly sure what motherboard it is, but I think it is the TA-88v3 or later. It was on OFW 4.01 so i updated to...
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