Gran Turismo PSP How To use HyBRiD Codes To Adjust Gear Ratios

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How To use HyBRiD Codes To Adjust Gear Ratios
This Guide is a extention of the "How To HyBRiD GT PSP Cars". In order to follow you must already be familiar with the in's and out's of Hybriding in GT PSP.

This guide will explain how to find out the exact gear ratios being used, and how to adjust the gears to your desired gear ratios.

What is What

146B340 - 0x0XXX0XXX = 1st / Reverse
146B344 - 0x0XXX0XXX = 3rd / 2nd
146B348 - 0x0XXX0XXX = 5th / 4th
146B34C - 0x0XXX0XXX = 7th / 6th
146B350 - 0x0XXX0XXX = nothing of importance
146B354 - 0x0XXX0XXX = nothing of importance
146B358 - 0x0XXX0XXX = auto or manual / final drive gear

146BXXX - 0x0XXX0XXX These zeros we use as spacers between gears and this value must always be 0. They are actually there so that each gear has the place for an up to 4 digit HEX value, You wont see this anywhere except for the Final Drive, anything above 4.095:1 will use 4 digits, so we just use them as spacers for the actual gears.


340 = 0x08F20C26 = 1st / Reverse

8F2 = 1st gear
C26 = Reverse gear

This is in HEX format

In DEC format it becomes

1st gear = 8F2 = 2290 = 2.29:1

Reverse = C26 = 3110 = 3.11:1


I will take the Gearbox codes for the ZR1 and break it down to the actual gear ratios.

340 = 0x08F20C26 2290/3110
344 = 0x04BA064A 1210/1610
348 = 0x032A03E8 810/1000
34C = 0x0000029E /670
350 = 0x00000000
354 = 0x00000000
358 = 0x00000DC5 /3525

1st = 2.29:1
2nd = 1.61:1
3rd = 1.21:1
4th = 1:1
5th = .81:1
6th = .67:1
FD = 3.525:1
Reverse = 3.11:1

How to Adjust

We are going to adjust first gear in our example

340 = 0x08F20C26

1st gear = 8F2 = 2290 = 2.29:1

We are going to change first gear from 2.29:1 to 3.41:1.

To do so we need the HEX value for our new gear ratio..

3.41:1 = 3410

Input 3410 into your calculator in DEC format, then switch it to HEX format.

3410 = D52

Replace the 8F2 with D52 then move on to the next gear, when your done Save and apply the code following the instructions to apply hybrid codes

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