Gamestop now selling Dreamcast games online

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Hello everyone, I wanted to comment on Gamestop now selling "vintage" games.

For those of you who Live in North America you're probably familiar with the "brick and mortar" game store Gamestop, formerly known as EB games, FuncoLand, etc. A very controversial store to many gamers. Takes games on trade for very little and sells them for next to new prices. Not many gamers are happy with their business practices. They have also been rumored to throw "surplus" or "worthless" hardware and games in the dumpster.

This is the game store that left us Dreamcasters (and retro gamers) in the dust. I guess they had a change of mind and realized the demand for older consoles is higher than ever. Starting in about 2006 they decided to stop accepting anything older than 6th generation PS2/Gamecube/Xbox on trade (go figure that included the Dreamcast). I was very upset. Although some people scored great deals when they were clearing out DC games and hardware for next to nothing. You used to be able to buy a complete Dreamcast there for $20. Well now they are selling for $50 (at select stores): Sega Dreamcast System for Dreamcast | GameStop Although they are claiming it to be refurbished. I'd love to know the source or who is refurbing them.

Now I don't know the full scoop on when this will make it into stores but I heard some places in New York city are accepting vintage game trade ins and eventually it will happen in more stores. But for now you can peek at what they offer online. I wonder where these games came from? I'm willing to bet they are leftovers from the games they couldn't sell back in the day. Just sitting in a warehouse waiting to appreciate in value :twisted: muhahaha

I'm sure this same thing happened to some game chain in the UK right? or somewhere in Europe? Mom and Pop game stores are great but Gamestop is making it hard for them to survive especially now if they decide to include retro games in stores and not just online. /endrant

What do you guys think of the prices? Some items seem fairly reasonable liek the 4x memory card. Others seems to be just average prices of what they are going for on Ebay. Do you think this will devalue vintage games? or Drive the prices up? I'm curious how you guys feel about this mega retailer carrying our favorite consoles again.

Edit: I just double checked and it seems most everything are unavailable or sold out already. Greedy opportunists, those prices aren't that hot! :lol:
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