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  1. F


    https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/maintenance-update-27th-february-2024?allcat=false PSA: We're taking game worlds offline urgently as we're investigating an issue with player display names. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, a 15-min timer will appear shortly. We've also turned off the...
  2. F

    Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (PlayStation 3)

    Advanced jobs Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding advanced job. Bard Reach Archer level 30 in your main class and Pugilist level 15 in your sub-class, then complete the quest given by your guild for your main class. Black Mage Reach Thaumaturge level 30 in your main class...
  3. F

    Final Fantasy 14 Online: A Realm Reborn

    Advanced jobsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding advanced job. Job How to unlock Bard Reach Archer level 30 in your main class and Pugilist level 15 in your sub-class, then complete the quest given by your guild for your main class. Black Mage Reach Thaumaturge...
  4. F

    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 3

    1 Amplum Uhmblah (Arkz Version- Use Ark Cards 1T20-4TD2-DJT4C MJE4-ZQJU-FVQ7U 2ANW-3640-TZFBD 2 Amplum Uhmblah (Hero Version - Use Hero Cards) DR8Z-Q11B-NWX8W XR4P-JFM9-8R4JA HJ9R-QZJ8-2H3FW 3 Leukon Knight RV0D-EHE3-9VRX2 H1F4-TVRJ-2CYTT PWQU-E7A8-YKYPH 4 Pollux NEFV-7ZKV-ZG1QX...
  5. F

    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 1&2 - Version 1.1 Codes (OFFLINE CODES ONLY)

    1 "(m)" T0U1-Y0N4-1RCNN VB3P-31QQ-KYP86 2 Code Note1 N/A 3 Journalistic Pursuit In Multi-Player GQPH-ZW5P-YMF4V GCNX-80Q4-Y4CGY QV4Y-RZWU-Z2X9J 3TN9-M1ZD-PY2VT 5VWB-AAZR-367Q3 4 Sonic 6J33-P4NQ-PJ6QV NMKA-BUUC-37WKF 5 Rico HNG4-AT9Q-7M1QF 7RUV-NQAF-VR84B 6 Flowen...
  6. F

    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 1&2 - Version 1.0 Codes (OFFLINE CODES ONLY)

    Notes 1 We are only posting codes that won't affect the online game. For example, codes that upgrade your character significantly - weapons, armor, experience, etc. - will not be posted here until the PSO servers go offline. We will not post codes that will allow you to...
  7. F

    Tetris Worlds: Online

    Advance Levels EasilyIn arcade mode on any level, zap all of the blocks down until you lose and get reset back to level 1. Get all five lines in two minutes and you will advance to the level after the one you lost on. For example, if you are on level 3 and you lose, then get the five lines...
  8. F

    Speed Devils Online Racing (USA)

    [h=3]Speed Devils Online Racing (USA)[/HEADING] Infinite Nitro This code will also allow you to have nitro on a non-nitro server. If you use the nitro on a non-nitro server you will be booted immediately. 58E76CAF0000000F Plenty Of Cash This code will give you infinite cash when playing...
  9. F

    Phantasy Star Online (USA)

    [h=3]Phantasy Star Online (USA)[/HEADING] Enable Code (Must Be On) 1EBF9758C0705040 Save To A Different Memory Card 154C151700000018 1234151600000008 1264151600000018
  10. F

    Bomberman Online (USA)

    [h=3]Bomberman Online (USA)[/HEADING] [M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8 Press L To Have All 3 Target Orbs D31C843260704E1E E7D8287900000003 D31C843260704E1E F0C4F9BB00000003 Normal Mode: Press R To Have Max Bombs D31C843280704E1E 1C55C9B90000000A Normal Mode: Press R To Have Max Fire Power...
  11. F

    Alien Front Online (USA)

    [h=3]Alien Front Online (USA)[/HEADING] Press L&R For Instant Win A79D87710000FFFC CCFAE1EA00000063 A79D87710000FFFC 8CEC6CB500000063 A79D87710000FFFC 6A8DF07D00000063 A79D87710000FFFC ECE87F5900000063 [M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8 [M] Must Be Last 245EECA9
  12. C

    Dreamcast-Talk PSO Server is now online! :)

    Dont have an original pal pso v2 :*(
  13. C

    Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online Tribute videos

    Hello guys, I'm new here, but not to Dreamcast online. I made two tribute videos 3 years ago and thought that I'd share them with you. I have two videos: Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB -DEC 2006 [Dreamcast] and Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB-APR 2007 [Dreamcast] (HD). The HD vid is...
  14. C

    How to go online ?

    Hi I would like to know how to connect the dreamcast on internet.There is no plug to put a ethernet wire :?: I have the web browser CD thanks :D
  15. C

    Who was I just playing Quake3 online with?

    Hey, was it you Radkin. I was playing acoupke of games with someone from here then the connection went and I ended up turning the game off as had too do some house stuff. Was good to play with some new people 8-)
  16. C

    Phantasy Star Online 9th Anniversary!!!

    November 21, 2009 will mark the ninth anniversary of Phantasy Star Online V1 in Japan. The era of the Dreamcast has come and gone, their is an entire new generation of game consoles and even new Phantasy Star games. Yet, the original version is still online being played by a few die hard...
  17. C

    going online w/ dc questions

    Ok.. haven't done this in awhile some basic q's plz I appreciate the help. I don't have a home phone number. Tried connecting through q3, seganet popped up with 50 free hours bla bla. Asked for a home number I used my cell number, filled everything else out.. it says 'modem error! No dial tone...
  18. C

    Dreamarena isn't really the Dreamcast's online service?

    sega net was teh ISP that Sega provided. we Americans used planet web to surf and the EU people had their own web browsers
  19. C

    looking to buy Phantasy Star Online, help?

    so im looking at Phantasy Star Online on ebay and iv noticed there is two versions version 1 and 2, i have never played Phantasy Star before so i would like some advice on what to buy. i did borrow it of a friend once and i know you have some sort of code to start playing it and as i didnt have...
  20. C

    dreamcast "online" idea... maybe very dumb

    So after dropping the "gauntlet legends" bomb in a previous thread, it got me thinking... That game supports multiplayer function via the vmu (meaning, if your character is saved on one, and your friends is on another, you just carry your vmu with you to whom'ever has the dreamcast). I...
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