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    At long last, selling off my duplicates.

    Sorry if this is spam, delete if you wish. Just got the last duplicate listed a couple of mintues ago. It's been nearly five years since the last time I sold off my duplicate DC titles, so they've been piling up. Actually there are a few triplacates as well, but those'll go up after the current...
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    Thinking of selling my BBA - anyone interested?

    Well due to a few money complictions I need to sell a few things to raise some money! One thing I think I'll be selling is my BBA (broadband adaptor) -anyone here be interested before I post it on ebay/other forums? Can come with a copy of PSO if needed - I also have boxed a copy of the last...
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    WTS Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G 64GB $400

    We dont take kindly to your types around here :evil:
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    Selling Dreamcast Already + Broadband Adapter

    Whelp it was fun for a few days. Time to move on. I pretty much quit gaming. Bought this out of boredom and to try it out. Knew I was gonna sell it. I'm gonig to be selling VGA adapter and keyboard as well. It's still in the mail coming to me, lol! :mrgreen...
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    Selling Dreamcast at school.

    From this week I started having this weird idea to sell Dreamcast at school. I Wish I was live to US, but I live in Europe and I found Overpriced Dreamcast (console only need, no box etc). I Want to sell them for max 65 euros complete with 1 game. Now if I started to sell other regions DCs, they...
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    Gamestop now selling Dreamcast games online

    Retro & Classic Video Games & Consoles | GameStop Hello everyone, I wanted to comment on Gamestop now selling "vintage" games. For those of you who Live in North America you're probably familiar with the "brick and mortar" game store Gamestop, formerly known as EB games, FuncoLand, etc. A very...
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    selling Bricked SONY PSP

    SO this is a bricked psp 3004 which was running 6.20 TN permanent hen it is just 2 months old so i am willing to sell you the following things -PSP 3000 CHARGER -PSP ORIGINAL SONY BATTERY (that comes with psp 3000 just 2 months old) -the screen of psp is laminated so you can use the lamination...
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    Selling My 3000- Should I Upgrade the Firmware?

    So I got a PSP Go (which I'm enjoying) and now I've decided that I have no real need for my 3000. As such I've decided to sell it, but I'm wondering what I should do to prepare it for sale. It's currently at 6.35 pro and I'm thinking I should try and return it to a non pro form, so the next...
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