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    top 5 dreamcast games and why

    1.PSO such a good fucking game,basicaly all my memories of this are on gamecube but iver only played the dc ver recently ijust love pso the lobbies everything the catchy music,getting rares jsut chilling.love it 2 Shenmue 1 Just amazing realistic stories amazing cant even describe every one...
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    Best dreamcast games

    Hi ! I would like to know wich are the best games on the system :D every types of games included ;) I only have dino crisis,crazy taxi and sonic adventure :| thanks :D
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    Dreamcast games to make digital return

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    is there any translated dreamcast games out there?

    Dreamcast-Talk.com - Login Its a war strategy game.
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    Dreamcast Games That Haven't/Can't Be Ripped

    Does anyone have a list of Dreamcast games that haven't or can't be ripped?
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    Dreamcast Games

    Im selling this games for the sega Dreamcast. -HeadHunter CD1/2 + book; -Quake III Arena; -Soul Calibur + book; -Hidden & Dangerous; -Sega GT; -Sega World Soccer 2000; -Sonic Adventure; -Chu Chu rocket + book.
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    Dreamcast Games That Show Off The Dreamcast

    What Dreamcast games show off the Dreamcast? What games can you pull out when your friends are over and can still impress them even though they have a next gen console? EDIT: All games, homebrew, emulator games, etc for the Dreamcast.
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    Dreamcast Games for Sale...!!

    I need your expert advice chaps! I have just discovered in the region of 150 brand new Dreamcast games in my loft, as part of a housemove. I had completely forgotten about them!! I think they've been up there for about 5 years or possibly more!! Approx half are still wrapped and sealed and I...
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    How to Burn DreamCast Games

    After, meeting a fellow forum member, finding out he has problems burning games, and being shocked as to the suggestions people have gave him, I think this guide is necessary. How to Burn DreamCast Games 1. Download DiscJugglar from the official site, here. 2. Make sure your Dreamcast game is...
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    dreamcast games moving on to wii channel... sorta.

    New wiiware, mdk2 has been ported over. Not really a dreamcast exclusive, but one very good dc game. From the preview shots, I'm not too sure of the video quality. I am a huge shmup fan, and have a nice election going on my Wii of exotic like musha that I never got around to owning. Although...
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    Funniest Dreamcast games

    I've just finished a session of playing with Typing Of The Dead and I have to say it cracked me up. The most I've laughed in ages. I've had the game sealed since back in the day and never played it before. What was I missing ! The only other DC game I can think of, offhand, that made me...
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    Newer Dreamcast Games

    I've always wanted to get something that was released after the Dreamcast was discontinued. But I guess you could say I'm kinda cheap, and Under Defeat seems extremely pricey. So are there any good newer games that are reasonably priced?
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    Dreamcast games beaten: 2012

    01/01 Shenmue Epic 70 man battle was epic !!!
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    Whats your Favourite Dreamcast Games

    Hi everyone, Im doing a small dreamcast collection, and I wanted to know what was the best dreamcast games you ever played =) (i need a additive game to fill my time) my favourites games until now are: - Heavy Metal Geomatrix (mostly for multiplaying, not much to do solo) - Sonic Adventure 2 -...
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    WTB dreamcast games with full artwork and cases

    just seeing anyone selling there old Dreamcast games and wanting to make a quick buck, Games dont have to be in the best looking shape just as long as they work good, cases can be cracked or what ever but i like having Art work and stuff with my games , Not really looking to buy each game one at...
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    Dreamcast games with Copy Protection save files!

    You guys know what i'm talking about right! Those pesky game save files that are colored in RED instead of the standard BLUE when viewing them on the DC's File Management System. I hate them! They are such a pain because they cannot me copied on to another memory card through the consoles UI and...
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    Must Have Dreamcast Games? Questions...

    Hey, my friends and I are bringing back out the Dreamcast and I wanted to get your opinions on the must games to have for the Dreamcast! We are casual gamers, not really into RPGs but we are opened to anything. Below will be the games I own with the ratings I give them (you can understand the...
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    Cool PS2 demo disc of dreamcast games

    Saw this on ebay. I never saw it before. It's kind of a cool piece of history, Sega promoting some of the final Dreamcast games on a disc for the PS2.
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    Re-casing all my Dreamcast games to DVD cases

    Hello there my fellow Dreamheads, I have a lot of original Dreamcast game cases some in good condition and some with cracks, general wear and tear for a moderately ageing system, so I've decided to reprint and case my games maybe even my PS1 games as well if there is a few DVD cases left. I...
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    Good Dreamcast Games to Get?

    I have not been into my Dreamcast for a while, so I decided to ask if you guys have any suggestions for must have Dreamcast games. Here are the games I have: Shenmue Sonic Adventure Virtua Fighter 3:TB Thanks in advance.
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