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    GameStop planning to get in the Retro Business!!

    As a fellow dreamcast fanatic, this could be HUGE!!! How awesome would that be to be able to walk into gamestop, pick up the new Halo 4 and pick up Sonic Adventure 2.... I'm am so for this....
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    Gamestop to start taking Dreamcastsagain!

    Gamestop is starting to roll out a pilot program to take in retro systems (NES to Dreamcast, most major consoles) starting in NYC and Birmingham Alabama (WTF?) GameStop to Offer Classic Consoles and Games - IGN
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    Gamestop now selling Dreamcast games online

    Retro & Classic Video Games & Consoles | GameStop Hello everyone, I wanted to comment on Gamestop now selling "vintage" games. For those of you who Live in North America you're probably familiar with the "brick and mortar" game store Gamestop, formerly known as EB games, FuncoLand, etc. A very...
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    If I buy a refurbished PSP from Gamestop will it be a 1000? I'm just making sure I'll be able to mod it before I buy.
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