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  1. C

    Your Dreamcast Stories

    Post about funny/sad/angry experiences with your Dreamcast. One day, I plugged in a gun for House of the Dead 2 and all the suddenly none of the controllers worked. I restarted the console and still no response, so I called Sega *This was in 2002 by the way* and asked if they could fix my...
  2. C

    Dreamcast N64 Emulator Released in January

    From what I've read from this, it is supposed to only emulate one game: Super Mario 64, due to it's size being the smallest N64 rom, or something like that. I don't know if any of you knew about this, just thought I'd put it out there. The creator released a few different versions, but they're...
  3. C

    Can a NTSC USA Dreamcast Play JAP NTSC Original Games?

    Hi, Can a NTSC USA Dreamcast Play JAP NTSC Original Games? I just bought from ebay dead or alive 2 jap, I just wondering if I can play it on my ntsc usa dreamcast. I have to use the utopia boot disc or I just play it without it? thx
  4. C

    What kind of Dreamcast do you have.

    I have 2 gray and one Sega Sports Edition.
  5. C

    Help for a new Dreamcast user

    Hi All, I have only recently discovered the joy of the Dreamcast after purchasing one online. Its the first sega I have owned since the Master system. Please can someone give me a step by step guide to downloading Mame and roms to play on the DC. I have a PAL Dreamcast as I am in New Zealand and...
  6. C

    Dreamcast not detecting controller/vmu

    Just recently I bought a Sega Sports Dreamcast off of ebay. The guy selling it said "sold as-is powers up but doesn't read the discs." Since that is easily fixable I decided to bid on it and I won it. When it arrived it couldn't read the discs as said but I found another problem: It doesn't...
  7. C

    top 5 dreamcast games and why

    1.PSO such a good fucking game,basicaly all my memories of this are on gamecube but iver only played the dc ver recently ijust love pso the lobbies everything the catchy music,getting rares jsut chilling.love it 2 Shenmue 1 Just amazing realistic stories amazing cant even describe every one...
  8. C

    Post your Dreamcast setups!

    I was thinking we should show people were we play. So ill go first, I have to use this setup if I want to play online, also have to sit on the floor. BTW yes the top is painted and it didnt turn out as planed so I didnt do bottom, looks kinda cool the way it is anyway
  9. C

    Dreamcast boot disc?

    I wanna get the NFL 2K Dreamcast games on a PAL Dreamcast. Can you send me a link to a Boot Disc on ebay as i had one off ebay before and it said "whoever you bought this off cheated you" or something along those lines, so i'm unsure what they look like colour wise etc...
  10. C

    When you first got your dreamcast?

    I was wondering how and when did you first get your dreamcast? What was the first game you got? Any font memories? Me first ^_^ I got my Dreamcast back in the summer of 2001 and the first game I played was Sonic Adventure. I was in the Air Force at the time and I was the only one in the...
  11. C

    Shenmue The Movie for Dreamcast! Download

    This is really cool, smith. Thanks for doing this. I'm downloading it right now. Doy you have to put that password in before you watch the movie?
  12. C

    Unreleased Dreamcast Betas, Katana Bios Screens pt1

    Nice, I checked out both posts. Too bad these games were never released.
  13. C

    Dreamcast commercials

    Visit this site for original Dreamcast commercials!! (Both USA and Foreign): System: Sega Dreamcast,TV video game commercials spots ads pub tvcm cm commercial games ad sega sony nintendo xbox psx ps2 gba P.S. They also have commercials for other systems (The Dreamcast section has 161 commercials)
  14. C

    Dreamcast Housekeeping.

    I am thinking of taking my Dreamcast apart and giving it a good dusting so it doesn't short out prematurely. Is this a good idea? or should I just shoot canned air through the fan vent. What do you guys thing I've had it since 99' and I can only imagine what it looks like under the case. Thanks
  15. C

    Dreamcast Modification

    Overclock Your Dreamcast - RetroGaming with Racketboy Just read this about how some people actually did some surgery on their DC and overclocked it from 30mhz to 340mhz. Sounds like a pretty cool idea but arent they worried about the thing melting? :lol: I mean at the end of the article they...
  16. C

    dreamcast tutorials?

    you mean like: how do you push the power button? & what is the open button for? :lol:
  17. C

    Dreamcast Radio?

    Is there a streaming online Radio station that talks about retro-games and or Dreamcast? I need something to listen to at work. Thanks
  18. C

    using the dreamcast fishing controller on other games?

    yes, it works with soul calibur as well.
  19. C

    Bad luck with Dreamcast

    Hey guys, Just wana keep yeah updated on my process of getting back to playing the DC. Like I said when I joined, I pulled out my Dreamcast from sitting in storage for a couple of years thinking "Hey it worked then it's just gotta work now...right?" Heh I was wrong didn't work seeing that...
  20. C

    24 hour Dreamcast Marathon

    I have a Dream.......Cast Nothing found for 2009 01 16 Sega Fans Plan A 24 Hour Dreamcast Marathon
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