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    Just got my DC Keyboard and mouse! questions o.O

    I just bought an official dreamcast keyboard and an official mouse, I wanna know the games I can play using the mouse (oh trust me I have just played quake I finally owned that effing hunter >.< RAWR) but I have a couple more questions: What games are cool and fun to play with keyboard(besides...
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    going online w/ dc questions

    Ok.. haven't done this in awhile some basic q's plz I appreciate the help. I don't have a home phone number. Tried connecting through q3, seganet popped up with 50 free hours bla bla. Asked for a home number I used my cell number, filled everything else out.. it says 'modem error! No dial tone...
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    Questions about Bleemcast

    So I was just wondering....being almost 10 years now since we first was hearing about it. I'm surprised that nobody has been able to take the Bleem beta disc thats out and be able to expand on it, isnt the essential information they need for creating emulation on that disc? The original bleem...
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    Ask the translator doing Segagaga questions!

    Ok, as many of you know, an English translation of the quirky cult classic Sega game Segagaga has been in the works for quite some time now, and many have given up hope the game will ever get translated in our lifetime. Well, a member of the Racketboy forums by the handle Original_Name has...
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    Random dreamcast game questions

    Here are some random questions about games, anyone know the answers? -Can JPN Last Blade 2 boot into VGA? Can the USA version be tricked by DCX or other method? -^same question as above but for Airforce Delta -I've never played Sega GT. How advanced is the create a car mode? Do you just...
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    Two questions regarding Japanese games

    1. I notice that my JP games (SF3 Third Strike and Capcom vs SNK 2) have bigger cases than my US games. You have to put them side by side to notice, but I think it is because of the door(?). The door on the JP games are bigger because the tabs that hold the booklet are higher in height than the...
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    Must Have Dreamcast Games? Questions...

    Hey, my friends and I are bringing back out the Dreamcast and I wanted to get your opinions on the must games to have for the Dreamcast! We are casual gamers, not really into RPGs but we are opened to anything. Below will be the games I own with the ratings I give them (you can understand the...
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    Sega Saturn to Dreamcast controller converter questions

    I was wondering about the total control 3.. What saturn peripherals are compatible with it and what aren't? I'd like to use a saturn 3D pad with it.
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    BFG 10K? And other Quake 3 questions.

    Hello, I was wondering in what map you can get the BFG 10K in Quake 3 Arena. I was also wondering if you must unlock some maps. Thanks Note: This is for wanting to play local multiplayer.
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    Questions about pressing/ releasing a dreamcast game.

    Hi, I'm new here; my names Adrian. I'm currently designing and funding a 2d shmup with beautiful pixel art. I'm a huge dreamcast fan, its my favourite console system ever. Anyhow I'm tentatively looking into the possibility/feasibility of pressing spirit shard to a cdr, with proper packaging...
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    Just bought a Sealed PAL Shenmue online, got a few questions

    Hey, I'm new to this forum. Please take it easy. I bought a sealed Shenmue PAL off ebay for £58 buy it now. It arrived this morning. I just wanted to see if any of you guys could tell me if its a legit seal and not a reseal? It can be hard to tell with Shenmue as there's no seal strip like other...
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    Questions about Seaman

    So I just picked up a boxed copy of Alien Front Online, with the microphone, and I need to know, will the mic work just fine with Seaman? Because it's easier to get just the disc and manual than the box for that.
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    Toro box questions

    I just pre-ordered a Toro box from BBS and had a couple questions. Can anyone recommend a cable to use to hook the box up to an VGA - HDMI converter? In almost every youtube video I see on the Toro they are using Scart and not VGA. And that brings me to my next question, what is a good Scart...
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    Dreamcast VS Cable Questions

    After doing some digging I was finally able to find a Japanese website that has official Sega VS link cables. The price was reasonable considering how outrageous they go for on eBay. A few questions: Is it possible to make a homemade link cable? The only other option I've seen is pairing 2...
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    Reader Questions for Upcoming Redline Arena Interview

    I managed to snag an interview with the former President and CEO of Beyond Games, the developers of the cancelled Redline Arena for Dreamcast, and I'm looking for some Reader Questions to add to the article. If you have any questions you'd like to ask about the game, please post them here. I've...
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    My Questions Direct answers please

    i got psp 2001 3.80 m33-5 its old i cant find the box..i dont know if its hackable.. 1. How to know if my psp is hackable or not? can i already use this tool they called PSPident? or Psident? already without upgrading my current filmware 3.80 m33-5? because they said you need to know if your...
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    2 questions, if I upgrade my OFW to 6.60 will I still be able to play my games?

    1) If I upgrade my OFW to 6.60 will I still be able to play my signed eboots or will it say Game Could Not Be Started. 2) Is there any possible way that I can play online Infastructure on a game without upgrading my OFW. When sony released the new 6.60 OFW, I can't play online on any game...
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    Hybrid 2-in-1 Unbricker Service + Reg. Battery Questions

    I'm very interested about this product "Hybrid 2-in-1 Unbricker Service + Reg. Battery" which can be found here However, I have a few questions I hope that someone could answer for me before I buy it. 1. If it works on PSP phat, how will if fit on a...
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    HELP questions about 16gb sony pro duo memory stick

    I brought two 16gb pro duo off ebay. I know that it might not the REAL and it's just an knock off, but how could i tell. Ok to the question. I formatted it and put iso games in it, but it only show the frist game the rest are all corrupted data. Yes, it's in the right folder and it's CFW 5.00...
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    PSP GPS questions.

    i want to buy the GPS adaptor off ebay, heres my question.. im running a phat with CFW 5.00 M33-6 anyone using one of these adaptors with this CFW? if so which one did you buy? im living in Japan so i need to buy a US unit so when i come home it will still work..or does that even matter...
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