Just got my DC Keyboard and mouse! questions o.O

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I just bought an official dreamcast keyboard and an official mouse, I wanna know the games I can play using the mouse (oh trust me I have just played quake I finally owned that effing hunter >.< RAWR) but I have a couple more questions:
What games are cool and fun to play with keyboard(besides the typing of the dead)?
Is PSO compatible with the keyboard? (I wanna play PSO sorta like PSO BB down arrows CTRL WASD, or is it like PSO PC? where the number keys are to move?)
Is there any mods for PSO DC V2 PAL(fastload copy from Dreacmast talk) that allow more hot keys? like on pso bb, 1-0 then CTRL 1-0? Cause it sucks how there is only 6 keys to pick from and if you are using a force or have a lot of items and spells (Barta, zonde, heavy attack, light attack, moon atom, resta, anti, etc.) gets really annoying.

Please and thank you, I hope I posted in the right area >.<
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