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Here are some random questions about games, anyone know the answers?

-Can JPN Last Blade 2 boot into VGA? Can the USA version be tricked by DCX or other method?

-^same question as above but for Airforce Delta

-I've never played Sega GT. How advanced is the create a car mode? Do you just mix and match parts like a Mr Potatohead, or do you have some greater degree of control over the body shape of the car?

-I don't own the game, does Mars Matrix give you unlimited continues like Gigawing?

-Are there any differences (graphics, features, music) between the one game known in different regions as: Snow Surfers, Rippin Riders, and Cool Boarders Burn?

-How long does it take to beat Headhunter? (Is it a long game, or a short game? )

-How does Aerowings 2 stack up to Airforce Delta in terms of graphics and gameplay? I own Airforce Delta but have only seen screenshots of Aerowings 2.

-Obviously the online mode is defunct, so how is the offline mode of Pod 2 (AKA Pod Speedzone)? Are all tracks and cars there for you when you start? Is there any incentive to play the single player mode (IE: unlock things) or is it really just for offline practice and 2 player multiplayer?

That's it for now. Sometimes I think of some info I want to know about a particular game, if I think of more I'll post in this thread. Anyone else who has basic questions about games can feel free to post in this thread too.
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