going online w/ dc questions

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Ok.. haven't done this in awhile some basic q's plz I appreciate the help.

I don't have a home phone number. Tried connecting through q3, seganet popped up with 50 free hours bla bla. Asked for a home number I used my cell number, filled everything else out.. it says 'modem error! No dial tone. Check that your dreamcast modem is plugged into a working telephone jack. Try again.' So basically do I need to plug it in to my reuter thing by my comp where I get net out of? Or plug it into the jack my modem reuter things plugged into? Any help please. Its not a back up disc either its original(q3 game)
Or do I fill out the other online thing not seganet? I'm assuming no seganet..? If so how do I find my dns shit and all that gravy if so?

Thanks in advance
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