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  1. F

    Blair Witch Project

    Hidden trailersEnter the "Special Features" screen. Press Down to highlight the "Blair Witch" stick figure. Press Enter to view trailers from The Blair Witch Project and The Stand.
  2. F

    Project Justice (USA)

    [h=3]Project Justice (USA)[/HEADING] [M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8 [M] Must Be Last 245EECA9 Infinite Health P1 89BC616E000000C8 Infinite Health P2 75E32AB0000000C8 Low Health P1 89BC616E00000000 Low Health P2 75E32AB000000000 50% Health P1 89BA616EC0705038 89BC616E00000064 50% Health...
  3. C

    Project Justice

    I have finally gotten my hands on this game and I have to say that it is one of the greatest fighters I have ever played. I'm still learning the ropes but I really like what Project Justice has to offer. What do you have to think about this game that have played or owned it?
  4. C

    MVC2 & Project Justice, pal promo; anyone seen this yet?

    so I just bought MVC2 & project justice PAL versions when they arrived it seemed they are both factory sealed and on both boxes (not on the wrap , but under it) are "promotional copy not for resale" stickers I mean WTF!! I didn't know this existed, it has to be real since they're sealed
  5. C

    Project Justice problem

    I recently bought a used project justice and its in great condition but my DC won't read it but when I play anything else, even games in worse condition they work just fine, I talked to my friend about it and he said he had problems with his project justice when he bought a brand new sealed one...
  6. C

    Project Revolution Help

    I need a bit of help here: PROBLEM: Ok, there is a guy at wikipedia who claims there never was a cancelled game called Project Revolution (it later became Red Faction). This game was introduced at the 2000 E3 show in beta form by Volition (active) and TalonSoft (bought out by Take-Two...
  7. C

    RDC Project poll regarding your games

    I'd like to collect some information regarding the way you house your game collection to discern how I should proceed with this project. As before, I want covers to be a big aspect of this. Here's some further information I'd like to collect before I discuss the poll (I ran out of options): Is...
  8. C

    OpenDC Project ? Modem Idea

    Well I was looking at the Open Pandora Project, which is a community supported project that was made by a small group. Basically I was thinking about The VM Scene, that pretty much died, The Dreamcast 2 that Most likely will never come to life, the BBA, SD Cards, and a controller that has dual...
  9. C

    Recruiting for a Project

    How Can i get some people in the New york Cty Area that might be willing to assist me on a project. ??
  10. C

    The ReviveDC Project Wiki

    I think it's finally time to blow the dust off of this thing. It's here. I had it locked because I wanted to get more content on it before I made it public, but considering that it's been idling for several months now, that probably won't happen. It should be unlocked and ready to edit now...
  11. C

    Been a while but a past project got me going again...

    Been out of the DC game for a while but stumbled upon a project my daughter had wanted me to try some time ago, jumped back into it this past weekend I have a total of 7 Dreamcast's sitting on my shelf...yes kind of excessive but for some reason when I offer to buy someones games or peripherals...
  12. C

    DreamOn Disks, Dreamcast Magazine Disks, Demo Disks Project

    So far I have made selfboot .cdi's for DreamON Vol. 1 - Vol. 22 (missing 3 volumes) It has been a pain in the ass getting these disks to fit standard cd-r's. Downsampling .sfd's, binhacking, removing unused files, hacking WINCE bins, hacking cd protections, modifying the file structure of some...
  13. C

    The pal european dreamcast games list project

    Hi everybody ! New comer here, but seen a couple of members I know from other boards :) After many years, I finally found the will to compile a list of all european dreamcast games releases to update www.guardiana.net ' database. Such a list actually existed in the past, on a dedicated...
  14. C

    Project Justice yzb

    trying to find a download link for this release but the one at iso zone doesent seem to be working anyone got a mirror for it?
  15. C

    There is a project Moband Adapter @ assemblergames

    Hey dc-talk people, i just found very exciting project named Moband Adapter (Dreamcast Modem To Broadband Replacement) ! Check this thread and support that guy: Error | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure
  16. C

    Dreamstud!o english translation project this will be on hold

    This is almost done here is the download so you can see this is all real here is the video enjoy subscribe my channel for more videos BOTH PART 1 AND 2 ARE NOT SEGA DREAMCAST!THE VIDEO UNDER THESE WILL WORK ON SEGA DREAMCAST(note i have tested the .pvl it won't work) PART 1 OF TRANSLATION VIDEO...
  17. C

    :::Neon Genesis Evangelion Translation Project::

    :::Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (Dreamcast)::: Please support this Dreamcast translation project! Pearse Hillock is the man behind Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation. He can do it for the Dreamcast if you guys show interest! Please...
  18. C

    What is your opinion on the Elysian Shadows team choosing to support project dream

    Twitter I was personally very surprised considering there is a chance that the project dream campaign could get absolutely no where
  19. C

    My Dreamcast YT channel and my DC trailer preservation project

    Hello everyone. So for many years I have been running a small channel on YouTube dedicated to showcasing old, new, and upcoming Dreamcast Games. The format I used to use was a montage style which I never really liked. and for months I have been info gathering to start a preservation project of...
  20. C

    Project Justice Rival School 2 - Promotional Copy?

    Hi guys hopefully you can help me out, I recently acquired a copy of project justice rival school 2 and upon inspection of the disc it has printed on the middle clear part ''Promotional copy - Not for resale''... although someone at some point has tried to scrub of the resale part. Can anyone...
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