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Well I was looking at the Open Pandora Project, which is a community supported project that was made by a small group. Basically I was thinking about The VM Scene, that pretty much died, The Dreamcast 2 that Most likely will never come to life, the BBA, SD Cards, and a controller that has dual analog.

Is it possible for the community to work on a BBA to market for thoughs who want to code, and play online games and even for the others who develop for the console enable online, play or scoreboards maybe even DLC.

But my main idea is a new controller for the dreamcast that also doubles as a VMU itself. kinda like a GBA or PSP Layout. But MY Button layout was a bit different but nothing to extra. And the Controllwe has a recharagable battery and an internal SD or Expandable SD card to save content more than just one game. Hopefully has the same data transter and functions of the VMU so there not much to change with it.

I have no skills in Hardware i'm more on the artist side of things and concepts. But if anyone knows about the hardwar and the dreamcast and how the VMU works aswell ss the controllers we can bring and expand upon the DC a bit more. My idea that i also have is it to not only act as a controller but be an actual console to play the dreamcast titles on its own. But I don't know how much it will take to create one of these. but it shouldnt be too expensive because the parts are dated.
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