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So far I have made selfboot .cdi's for DreamON Vol. 1 - Vol. 22 (missing 3 volumes)

It has been a pain in the ass getting these disks to fit standard cd-r's.
Downsampling .sfd's, binhacking, removing unused files, hacking WINCE bins, hacking cd protections, modifying the file structure of some demos etc.

The only DreamOn Disks I have yet to complete selfboot .cdi's for are:

Vol. 15 (no .gdi of it exists! although I know it has been dumped since it is listed @ dumpcast)
Vol. 14 (rush 2049, railroad tycoon will not load!)
Vol. 17 (kiss psycho circus, half life .4xm video, stupid invaders will not load!)

A few notes about some of the protections etc. :

Rush 2049 demo (still will not boot after editing!)
02 24 0b 00 > 09 00 0b 00
000ca50e 4c 84 > 30 e0
0007d762 10 20 26 4f > 09 00 26 4f
000c9cc4 07 89 32 88 > 09 00 09 00 09 00 09 00 09 00
000dd248 22 4f 06 b0 > 07 d3 31 60 19 40 03 c9 02 88 00 8b 03 e0
000dd258 43 60 > 09 00

Stupid Invaders has extra protections used besides stupid.dat needs to be at 300,000 lba or it will not load the game.

Notes from Echelon nfo:

Echelon (Stupid Invaders) said:
Ubisoft has once again its teeth and done a good job on protecting this nice game. We've hardly seen this many creative checks arranged on a single game, as if encryption wasn't already enough. Thanks for a nice time cracking this, too bad it was wasted :)

Echelon (Rush 2049) said:
This game had a total of 4 copy protections. It's the first serious attempt at protecting a game - UFC, which Kalisto cracked, was hardly serious :). It took several crackers and about 2 weeks for us to finally get this done. We've learned a lot from this. Hopefully it won't take so long next time.

Echelon (Rush 2049) said:
***NOTE TO SEGA***: Did you know that Midway violated the developer agreement by doing a kernel RAM checksum? If future Dreamcasts were to have a different GD-ROM kernel, the legitimate Rush 2049 would not work on it. If you approved it, that's fine then.

I have to optimize the DreamOn disks using the sort files from .gdi's and I will upload them all soon.

Also I have alot of the official dreamcast magazine disks done too.

I will wait until I finish Shenmue Undub to complete the Official Dreamcast Magazine Disks.

The generator 1 disk I have working except Monaco loads messed up textures?? everything else works fine.

Lastly, I will more than likely make a compilation of the unused demos and movies that are found on these disks. There is some cool stuff, even some in-game footage of unreleased games.
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