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I'd like to collect some information regarding the way you house your game collection to discern how I should proceed with this project.

As before, I want covers to be a big aspect of this. Here's some further information I'd like to collect before I discuss the poll (I ran out of options):

Is your collection primarily back ups or genuine discs?
Do you case your back ups?

Regarding the poll, I want to know which case style you prefer. Obviously DVDs would be a time (and money) consuming switch for some people, however it looks excellent on a shelf and fits in well with more recent games.

Here's some pictures of my copy of Street Fighter III: Third Strike (the ESRB logo is placed wrong on this cover compared to my other ones, I just haven't reprinted it. It should be higher up in the white space next to the accessories icons) all cased up:

Furthermore, I'd like to know if people would be more interested in...
DVD style instruction manuals (as well as CD style scans) for released games
Manuals for unreleased games
Quick reference cards for games which break down controls and small aspects of gameplay

Thank you for your time in answering the questions. Any other input would be valuable as well.
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