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Hello everyone. So for many years I have been running a small channel on YouTube dedicated to showcasing old, new, and upcoming Dreamcast Games. The format I used to use was a montage style which I never really liked. and for months I have been info gathering to start a preservation project of sorts and move my channel into what I always wanted it to be: The Nubmer 1 place to view ALL the Dreamcast game trailers that got COMMERCIAL releases(professionally factory made physical releases).

So far I have been chipping away, getting trailers downloaded, and ALL the info on devs and publishers to cite in the video descriptions.

My channel: LotusToken (same as my name here)

My twitter: @DCLotusToken

What I need from you guys is a bit of help rounding up trailer videos and dev/publisher info and release time periods. As I stated I have already done quite a bit on my own, just check my channel to see what games I have covered already.
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