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  1. F

    Code Types - Technical Manual (PSX) By Too Cold

    Quick Tips: You will find that when you start a game with codes active, the codes themselves do not start to be executed until about 5-10 seconds into the game loading. This is useful for loading games, but you may want to test your codes before this period. A simple way to get the codes...
  2. C

    Rare Dreamcast development manual surfaces on eBay!

    Who is going to nab this one? Dreamcast Hardware Specification Documentation RARE! Free Dev Kit w/ BUY-IT-NOW! Service Unavailable
  3. C

    Sega screwed up in the Sonic Adventure Manual.

    Sega made a typo in the Sonic Adventure manual! It screwed me up because I deleted some of my files to clear space for my chao garden, in the manual It says you need 128 blocks to save chao memory. However, you only need 28 blocks!!! I can't believe I deleted my Record Of Lodoss War file -.-...
  4. C

    Gauntlet Legends Manual

    If anyone here has an an extra dreamcast manual for Gauntlet Legends and is willing to sell it hmu.
  5. F

    Ultimate Stuntman Instruction Manual

    The Ultimate Stuntman The Display - how to use it. The search for Doctor Evil will take Ultimate Stuntman(tm) through lots of different action scenarios. Ultimate will probably travel through each type of action scenario more than once and probably in different vehicles. On each...
  6. F

    Untouchables Instruction Manual

    From [email protected] (|tsr) NES-U6-USA The Untouchables(tm) Instruction manual Ocean(r) --- The Untouchables... Live an American Legend. You control Eliot Ness' elite squad of crimebusters. The Alleyway Shootouts, the Warehouse Bust, the Border Raid, the Train Station Confrontation and...
  7. F

    Winback: Covert Operations Instruction Manual

    Winback: Covert Operations Typed out by Beejay WINBACK: COVERT OPERATIONS Contents ======== Getting Started.......................................................4 Control Stick Functions...............................................5...
  8. F

    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Instruction Manual

    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Typed out by Ben Kosmina Released: 1997 Game Code: NUS-NTUP-EUR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 [Nintendo seal of quality] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2...
  9. F

    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Instruction Manual

    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Typed out by Greg Minder Controls Expert Controls Arcade Controls Up - Look/Aim down Forwards Down - Look/Aim up Backwards Left - Look/Face left Rotate Left Right - Look/Face right Rotate Right C up - Forwards Look Up C down - Backwards Look Down C left - Strafe Left...
  10. F

    Top Gear Hyper-Bike Instruction Manual

    Top Gear Hyper-Bike Typed out by Greg Minder Notes about this manual typing: Everything in this file appears exactly the same as in the real manual, down to the spacing(without the pics, of course). I have inserted asterisks marking spelling errors or translation errors, marked as * or...
  11. F

    Tetrisphere Instruction Manual

    Tetrisphere Typed out by Ben Kosmina Released: 1997 Game Code: NUS-NTTP-AUS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 [cover] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 [Nintendo seal of quality]...
  12. F

    Space Station: Silicon Valley Instruction Manual

    Space Station: Silicon Valley Typed out by Nick Wright (Page 1) CONTENTS: 3: Introduction 4: Default Controls 5: Getting Started 6: Game Overview 10: Pause Options 10: Saving Games (Page 3) INTRODUCTION Welcome to Space Station: Silicon Valley! Launched in 2001, Silicon Valley was the...
  13. F

    Rampage World Tour Instruction Manual

    Rampage World Tour Typed out by Ben Kosmina Released: 1998 Game Code: NUS-NRPE-USA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 [precautions and warranty] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2...
  14. F

    Nascar '99 Instruction Manual

    NASCAR '99 Typed out by Lance Barber CONTENTS Starting the Game 3 Command Summary 4 Introduction 5 Main Menu 6 Quick Race 6 Single Race 6 Championship 9 Game Options Menu 14 NASCAR Options Menu...
  15. F

    Perfect Dark Instruction Manual

    Perfect Dark Typed out by Connor Matak ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 Contents About the Controller 2 Background 5 Controls 6 Getting Started 10 Multiplayer Options...
  16. F

    Multi-Racing Championship Instruction Manual

    Multi-Racing Championship Typed out by: ? INSTRUCTION BOOKLET MRC MULTI-RACING CHAMPIONSHIP Contents Welcome to Multi Pacing...
  17. F

    Quest 64 Instruction Manual

    Quest 64 Typed out by Michael J Olsen TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting started..............................2 Controls.....................................3 The Spirit Tamer's Quest.....................4 Playing The Game.............................6 Conversing........................7...
  18. F

    Pokemon Snap Instruction Manual

    Pokemon Snap INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Pokemon Snap -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  19. F

    NBA Hangtime Instruction Manual

    NBA Hangtime Typed out by Michael J Olsen NBA HANG TIME INSTRUCTION MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting started 3 Control stick function 4 Controls 5 Multiple players 5 Options...
  20. F

    Super Smash Bros. Instruction Manual

    Super Smash Bros. Typed out by Lord-Azanko -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS The Nintendo 64 Controller 2 Using the Controller 4 Get Ready For the Fight of the Century! 6...
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