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Winback: Covert Operations

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Getting Started.......................................................4
Control Stick Functions...............................................5
The Heavens Blaze.....................................................8
Game Objectives.......................................................9
Game Menus............................................................9
Mode Select...........................................................9
Character Actions....................................................12
Other Actions........................................................17
Main Screen..........................................................18
Systems Screen.......................................................19



Getting Started


Instead, first turn the power OFF on your N64.

Then insert the Game Pak into the slot of your N64.

Press firmly to lock the Game Pak in place.

Turn the POWER switch ON. After the appearance of the title and legal
screens, you may bypass at any time by pressing START.

[Nintendo 64 picture]



Control Stick Functions

The Nintendo 64 Control Stick uses an analog system to read the angles and
directions of its movement. This allows precision control that is not
possible using the conventional Control Pad.

When turning the Control Deck power ON, do not move the Control Stick from
its neutral position on the controller.

If the Control Stick is held at an angled position (as shown in the picture
on the left) when the power is turned ON, this position will set as neutral.
This will cause games using the Control Stick to operate incorrectly.

To reset the neutral position once the game has started, let go of the
Control Stick so it can return to its center position (as shown in the
picture on the left) then press Start while holding down the L and R

The Control Stick is a precision instrument. Make sure not to spill liquids
or place any foreign objects into it.

[This game is compatible with the Controller Pak and the Rumble Pak
accessories. Before using these accessories, please read the Controller Pak
and Rumble Pak instruction booklets carefully. Follow the on-screen
instructions to dtermine when you should insert or remove the Controller Pak
and Rumble Pak accessories.]




[Back of Controller]

Connector Slot - Place the Control Pak and Rumble Pak here when appropriate.

R Button - Hold down get into a firing stance and target enemies.

L Button - This is not used.

Z Button - Use the Z Button to crouch.



[Front of Controller]

Directional Button - Use the Directional Button (down) to place and detonate
a C-4.

B Button - The B Button reloads your weapon and cancels an action.

A Button - Think of the A Button as the action button. Use it to fire your
weapon, perform hand to hand combat, open doors, pick up an item and choose
a menu option. It is also used to put your back to the wall and perform
evasive maneuvers (forward tumble).

C Buttons - The left and right C Buttons are used to change the camera view
and change the targeted enemy in capture camera mode. The top C Button
toggles through your weapons, and the bottom C Button toggles through camera

Start - Use Start to start the game, access the System Menu, and pause in
Versus Mode.

Control Stick - The Control Stick is used for movement, aiming your weapon
and toggling through menu options.




The Center for Space Development was suddenly hit with a highly concentrated
energy beam; now only a barren wasteland marks the spot where the proud
complex once stood . . . in minutes news of the destruction reached the
Department of Defense. Some outside force had accessed GULF, a top-secret
strategic weapons satellite in orbit, and fired it without mercy.

The Secretary of Defense gathered his advisors, but had little confirdence
in their ability to deal with this worst-case scenario beginning to unfold.

The Secretary's worst fears were soon confirmed.

Reports that an unknown agency had successfully infiltrated and seized the
secret base at Westham were poring in.

Aside from the now defunct Center for Space Development, the base at Westham
is the only location from which the GULF system can be activated.
As reports of the damaged flooded the Department of Defense, the Secretary
receifed a message from Kenneth Coleman, the leader of a terrorist group
called the Crying Lions.

As Coleman explained the reason for the attack, the Secretary was faced with
the awful relization that the Crying Lions were not open to any
negotiations. They wanted freedom for their homeland Zarozcia, and would
stop at nothing to attain it.

There are only three hours until the GULF satellite is powered up and ready
to fire again.

The Secretary knows the has only one card left to play - the orders the
S.C.A.T. Team to mobilize - their orders:

Infiltrate the base at Westham and retake
control of the GULF satellite!



Game Objective

Regain control of the GULF Strategic Weapons Control Center. You control
Jean-Luc Cougar, the main character in the story. You will receive no mercy
from your enemy, so grant none in return.

Saving Game Data - After clearing each stage, you can save your game data.

Game Over - The game ends when the main character’s life points become 0.

Checkpoints and Continuing - Your game data is tentatively auto-saved at
each checkpoint you pass only if you choose 'Continue' at the Game Over

IMPORTANT: When playing Story Mode with a Rumble Pak inserted in Controller
1, a Controller Pak can be used in any separate plugged-in Controller to
save game data. This feature allows you to play the game without switching
between the two accessories.

Game Menus

Start Screen - This is the Start Screen. Simply press Start or the A Button
to get started.

Mode Select - After you press Start on the start screen, you can choose from
Tutorial, Story, Versus and Option modes.




Tutorial - In tutorial mode, you will learn all of your characters moves and
how to battle.

Story - Story mode is the main one player game. Simply start a new game or
load your saved game to play.

Option - You can change the difficulty level of story mode. You can also
change the sound output, the controller figuation, check your records, and
load/save to your controller pak.
|Game Config - Here you can set the game to Easy, Normal or Hard. |
|Controller Pak - Here you can load or save your game. |
|Sound - Here you can change the sound output level. You can also |
| change the sound from stereo to mono. |
|Controller - Change the settings of your controller. |
| SIGHT CTRL: Adjests the reaction of your weapon’s sight to the|
| movement of your Control Stick. |
| SIGHT SPD: Adjusts the reaction of your weapons sight. |
| CAMERA CTRL: Adjusts the movement of the camera in response to|
| pressing the left/right C buttons. |
| CAMERA PAN: Choose whether you or the game controls the camera|
| returning to the “behind the player” view. |
| KEY TYPE: Reconfigures your controller setup. |



Versus - There are 6 versus modes that can be played by up to 4 players.
NOTE: Characters that begin the game with powerful weapons or unlimited
ammunition cannot pick up additional weapons in the stage.
|Death Match - Death match is a straightforward shoot-out. 2-4 Player|
| enter, but only one comes out alive. |
|Lethal Tag - When you hit your opponent (lethal tag) while in command|
| of the white cube, you score. If you shoot your opponent|
| or are able to avoid being shot by for a set period of |
| time, you are awarded 1 point. The first player to earn|
| 7 points wins. (2 players only) |
|Cube Hunt - This is a race to gather different colored cubes. Touch |
| the cubes to add them to your inventory. If you are hit,|
| a random cube from the group you have already collected |
| is taken away. The first player to gather all 7 colored |
| cubes wins. Here are special cubes that change color |
| constantly. Shoot the cube when it’s on the color you |
| want. (2 players only) |
|Quick Draw - This is a race to shoot 7 colored cubes in a set order. |
| Once you have shot and hit a cube, the next cube will |
| appear somewhere in the stage. The first player to shoot|
| all 7 cubes in order wins. The automatic aiming feature|
| is turned off during this mode. (2 players only) |
|Team Battle - This is the team version of Death Match. Take out all |
| three members of the opposite team to win. (2 players |
| only) |
|Point Match - Compete for damage points. The more damage you inflict|
| the more points you get. Get bonus points for elimin- |
| ating your opponent. The first player to score enough |
| points wins. (3-4 players) |



Charater Actions

Your characters actions can be both passive and aggressive depending on what
you need to do. The following are descriptions of all character actions.

Walking and Running - Press the Control Stick lightly in any direction to
make the character walk in that direction. Apply greater pressure to make
the character run.

Back Against Wall - Pushing A while close to a wall allows you to put your
back to the wall.

Moving Along Walls - Once you’re backed against a wall, press the Control
Stick to the left or right to move the character along the wall slowly.



Crouching - Hold down the Z Buton to crouch. Use this technique to hide
behind crates and other similar objects.

Moving In A Crouch - Hold down the Z Button and use the Control Stick to
make the character move while coruching.

Hand to Hand Combat - When close to an enemy, press A to kick or hit the
enemy with your weapon. Your attack will automatically change from shooting
to hand-to-hand combat at close range. Move away from an enemy to fire your



Swing Out-Swing Back Surprise Attack - With your back to the wall and at the
corner, press the R button to 'swing out' from behind it. Quickly press A
after swinging out to fire your weapon. Release the R Button to “swing
back” into your original position.

Forward Tumble - Press A while moving in a crouch (Z + Control Stick) to
make your character roll forward.

Opening Doors - Stand in front of a door and press A to open it. A blue
indicatior will be displayed on doors that can be opened.



Picking Up Items - Stand in front of the item and press the A Button to pick
it up. A blue indicator will be displayed on items that can be picked up.

Check points - Reaching a checkpoint saves your current progress in a level.
This data is only retained when you continue playing. If you do not
continue playing, you will have to load your saved game from the Controller
Pak or start a new one.
Firing and Reloading - Press A to fire your weapon while in the firing
stance (Holding R). If your weapon is running low on ammunition, press the
B Button and reload. If you don’t press B, when your weapon is empty, it
will automatically reload when you press A. It is faster, however, to
reload with the B Button.



Automatic Targeting - Hold down R to target. The weapon’s laser sight
automatically targets enemies. If there is more than one enemy on screen,
the automatic targeting feature will target the most dangerous enemy. The
automatic targeting feature will target a different enemy if you quickly
press the Control Stick in the direction of the enemy you wish to target.
Targeted enemies will be highlighted by green cross hairs.

Manual Targeting - Target enemies manually by moving the weapon’s laser
sight with the Control Stick. Use this feature when shooting objects like
steel drums. Hold down R, adjust the laser sight with the Control Stick and
press A to fire. Any explosive objects you shoot will explode when hit.
Make sure you aren’t too close to the object or you’ll get hurt in the
explosion. Explosive objects will be high-lighted with red cross hairs when

Detonating Explosives - Use the Control Pad(down) to set the C4 plastic
explosives in place. Press the Control Pad (down) again to detonate the
explosives you have set. Make sure you aren’t too close to the explosives
or you’ll get hurt in the explosion. To pick up an explosive without
detonating it, press A.



Other Actions

Camera Toggle - This allows you to choose between the normal and capture
camera modes.
|Capturing Enemy by Camera (Capture Camera Mode) - |
| By pressing the down C Button while an enemy is in your field of|
| view, you lock the camera on that enemy (Capture Camera Mode). |
| In this mode, the camera follows the movement of the camera- |
| captured enemy. This allows you to easily target a moving enemy|
| and is useful when fighting a Boss Character and his underlings.|
|Switching Targets in Capture Camera Mode - |
| If there is more than one enemy on the screen, press the left or|
| right C Button to choose the enemy on which to lock the camera. |
| The green-framed sight will be displayed on the chosen enemy |
| character. |



Main Screen


Enemy Jean-


Clips and
Weapon Life

Enemy - This is one of the many enemies you will encounter.

Jean-Luc - This is the main character; the one you control.

Rounds - Number of rougnds left in present clip. Reload when you are out or
running low.

Clips and Weapon - Number of clips left and the weapon you are using. You
have an unlimited supply of clips for your handgun. Other weapons are
limited to what you pick up.

Life - Life gauge of main character. The game is over when your life gauge
reaches 0.



Systems Screen

The Systems Screen allows you to check your map, change weapons, use items,
and change the game options. It also displays elapsed playing time. Press
Start during game play to access the Systems Scren.

Map - View a map of your current surroundings. The blue dot represents your
current position. The red dot represents your goal.

Weapon - View all of your weapons on this screen. Press A to select one.

Item - View all of your items on this screen. Press A to use an item.

Team - View information about other S.C.A.T. members.

Config - Change the various game options. (See “Controller” page 10)




There are several different items available in the game. Sometimes they
appear after you destroy explosive objects. You can verify the items in
your possession in the Item and Weapon cammands on the Systems Screen.

Medical Kit - Your life points are partially restored using a Medical Kit.
You cannot pick up Medical Kits if your life gauge is full.

Flash Light - This is a small light that attaches to your weapons. It will
help you aim in dark areas and can be attacthed to the sub-machine gun and
the shotgun. Pressing A will turn the Flashlight on and off.

Magazine Pouch - This item allows you to increase the number of magazines
and shell cases you can carry.

C-4 Explosives - A potent plastic explosive, C-4 can be used to destroy
walls or take out enemies.

C-4 Detector - Just equip yourself with it and it will locate the

Magazine - This magazine contains bullets for the sub-machine gun.

Shell Case - This box contains the shells for the shotgun.




Aside from the handgun, other weapons may be picked up during game play.
Only the handgun has an unlimited supply of ammunition. If you reload while
you still have rounds left in a weapon, they are thrown away. To save
ammunition, you should choose your weapons carefully.

Handgun - The automatic handgun uses 45 caliber bullets. Each clip holds 8
rounds. It was developed by the Americal military and has undergone many
changes since it’s initial production long ago. Because of it’s strong
power, it is effective for personal protection at short range. However it
doesn’t provide enough firepower to deal with several enemies at once.

Sub-Machine Gun - This powerful sub-machine gun fires 9 mm rounds. Each
magazine holds 30 rounds. It’s light weight and heavy firepower make this
weapon a favorite of military and plice forces around the world. Because
every squeeze of the trigger fires several rounds at once, it is ideal for
situations which require less finesse and more firepower.

Shotgun - This is a 12-gauge shotgun designed for combat use. It can hold
up to 8 shells, and has a folding stock for increased portability. Like all
shotguns, your aims doesn’t have to be perfect in order to do damage. It is
effective against very quick enemies, but should not be used at long range.




S.C.A.T. (Strategic Covert Actions Team) is a top-secret band of
anti-terrorist operatives formed under the auspices of the President in
order to deal with terrorist actions that threaten national security.

Jean-Luc Cougar - Jean-Luc is a former member of a city SWAT team, 27 years
old and single. His ability to remain levelheaded in even the most
harrowing situations gained him a spot as the leader of the Advance Strike
Team of S.C.A.T. He is highly respected by the younger teammates, and finds
it easier to express his fighting spirit in actions rather than words. His
handgun is the last reminder of his brother Alan, a member of the Navy
Special Forces who was lost in battle and is presumed dead.

Lisa Roberts - The only female member in S.C.A.T. Her grandmother was
Japanese, and Lisa claims to possess a strong fighting spirit. After acting
her courses on criminal psychology at the university, she went on to join
the National Bureau of Investigation. She is also an excellent long-range
sharp shooter, and was once offered a chance to test her skills in the
Olympics. She was offered a position in S.C.A.T. after Dan saw her in
action during a training session at the NBI academy.



Daniel Stewart - S.C.A.T.'s first and only commander. His experiences and
leardership help hold together the various personalities that make up
S.C.A.T. He is also a former member of the Navy Special Forces and a
trusted friend of Jean-Luc’s brother Alan.

Law Bruford - 6'6' 250lbs of pure fighting machine. He was transferred to
S.C.A.T. from the Navy on the recommendation of his commanding officer. He
is unmatched in hand to hand combat, and was Jean-Luc’s toughest competition
for Leader of the Advance Strike Team.

Jake Hudson - A former Army grunt, Jake joined S.C.A.T. at the same time as
Jean-Luc. He is somewhat of a prankster and loves to pick on Lisa whenever
he gets a chance. He is as brave as they come and his shooting abaility is
questioned by none.

Matthew Brown - A veteran member of the team and former Air Force officer.
During his college days, he took 6th place in the National Heavyweight
boxing competition. His positive outlook and becoming too stressed and mark
him as the group’s “mood maker”.

Michael Hawkins - A demolitions expert and former member of the National
Drug Enforcement Agency’s bomb squad. His skills in defusing bombs and
destroying obsturctions make him a key player in the fight against

Thomas Smith - He is in charge of all communications for the backup support
team. A former member of the computer crime division in the National Bureau
of Investigation, he is well versed in all facets of computers and other
high tech electronics.

Steven Legal - As Lieutenant Commander of S.C.A.T. he received most of his
training in the British Secret Service. His information gathering and keen
analytical skills make him the top choice for any scouting mission.

Keith Birdy - No team would be complete without a support member trained in
medicine. As the rookie of the team, Keith joined S.C.A.T. with the highest
recommendations from the President. The GULF mission is the first with the


Use Stealth to Your Advantage:
It goes without saying that it is safer to take out 10 enemies indi-vidually
than it is to tackle 10 enemies at the same time. Avoid engaging several
enemies at once to curtail grave injuries. Instead of running headlong into
certain danger with guns blazing, use obstacles to your advantage. Hide
behind crates and steel drums as you sneak up on enemies. Once you have
them in your sights, take them out quietly. Don’t fire your gun needlessly.
The sound will bring other terrorists rushing onto the scene, making your
job that much more difficult.



Master the Capture Camera Mode:
Enemies do not just wait for your attacks. They move and dodge your
attacks. When you attack many enemies at once or fight the boss characters,
you must defeat them as quickly as possible by shooting at them precisely.
Otherwise, they will cause you serious damage. Use the down C Button to
have the camera’s orientation lock on an indicated enemy. This greatly
improves the accruacy of your gunfire on a moving enemy.

Make Explosions Work for You:
Sometimes it is more effective to use explosive objects instead of ealing
with several enemies at once. Some of the steel drums and crates are
explosive. You can blow up these objects by shooting them. Just target the
explosive object and let the ensuing explosion do the work for you. There
are several different tpes of explosive materials in the game. Some
explosive objects require more than one hit.



Using Walls and Columns Effectively:
If you can approach an enemy without being noticed, you can catch them off
guard with a surprise attack. This technique allows you to rapidly fire at
enemies from a defensive position against a wall or column. Enemies are
especially vulnerable to attacks from behind. If possible, try to sneak
behind an enemy and then hit them quickly. It is possible to take the
terrorist out with just one shot.
-With your back against the wall, use the left/right C Buttons to ro-tate
the camera. This allows you to easily see what an enemy is doing.
-If you press R while in this position you can move into attack po-sition
very quickly. Release R to return to your defensive position.

Time Your Reloads:
Never try to reload while you are under heavy fire because it leaves you
totally defenseless. If you are hit in the middle of reloading, you won’t
finish and and will have to try again. This takes tiem and gives your
enemies more time to hit you again. Time your reloads carefully.

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