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The Ultimate Stuntman

The Display - how to use it.

The search for Doctor Evil will take Ultimate Stuntman(tm) through lots of

different action scenarios. Ultimate will probably travel through each type

of action scenario more than once and probably in different vehicles.

On each scene, the screen will display (on the top left) an energy bar with

five squares. If all these are lost, Ultimate Stuntman will lose a life.

Also, if you take too long on these scenes the trail will go cold and

Ultimate Stuntman (tm) will forfeit a life.

Turbos and keys to collect are displayed on the top right and are explained

with each section...


Ground Pursuit

Ultimate Stuntman will have to chase Doctor Evil along freeways and

backroads, through rivers and rapids, dune covered beaches and many more.

Some of Doctor Evil's hoods are waiting to ambush Ultimate, and there's more

than a small army out there. Watch out for rockfalls, missiles, bullets and

bombs and other surprises. Luckily, Ultimate Stuntman has weapons hidden

along the route, so pick them up to improve your chances of success.

Up - Accelerate

Left/Right - Move Left/Right

Down - Brake then reverse

A - Turbo (if available)

B - Fire weapons

Start - Pause/unpause


Street combat

It seems that Doctor Evil gets a kick from pitting his wits agains the

Ultimate Stuntman (tm), now he's hidden the keys that unlock the protective

forcefield for his hidden base all around the landscape, and watches on

closed circuit TV as Ultimate Stuntman tries to find them. Shown on the top

right of the screen is how many keys Ultimate has left to collect. When they

have all been found, a sign will flash to let you know that it's time to move

on. Of course, Doctor Evil hasn't left the place unguarded; there's robot

hoods all over the place, just waiting to end Ultimate's career!

Left/Right - Move Left/Right

B - Fire weapons

A - Jump

Up+A - Jump up

Up+B - Shoot up

Down+A - Jump off ledge

Down+B - Shoot down


The human fly

Once the forcefield is disarmed and the Ultimate Stuntman has broken through

the base perimeter, he'll find that the only way in is through the roof.

Never fear, all Ultimate Stuntman has to do is a brilliant human fly act!

Doctor Evil is still playing dirty though - he's got a bunch of his hoods

waiting in the building who will stop at nothing to prevent Ultimate Stuntman

from penetrating the base. The only way to deal with the hoods is to wipe

them out with his gun...

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move Ultimate Stuntman

A or B - Move target and fire

Start - Pause/Unpause


Bomb disposal

If Ultimate Stuntman(tm) makes it into the base, it is just possible that

Doctor Evil will have escaped, leaving a bomb behind to destroy any evidence

and maybe Ultimate Stuntman too!

To defuse a bomb, all the microchips must be removed from the triggering

device before the timer sets off the bomb. It's lucky that Ultimate Stuntman

always carries a soldering iron! Some microchips will need to be desoldered

more than once to fully remove them, and Doctor Evil has laid a few booby

traps along the way like all good bomb makers do! Follow these rules to

defuse the bomb: (1) You can only desolder a chip that is next to one you

have just desoldered. (2) You can't desolder the same chip twice in

succession - you'll risk it overheating and setting the bomb off.

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move pointer

All other buttons - Reset the puzzle


Microlight pursuit

Doctor Evil has fled, taking to the skies in one of his heavily armed

microlight planes. Ultimate Stuntman(tm) must of course follow the Doctor

(who is an expert pilot) to his top secret destination, in a microlight...

Fly over the tricky terrain, being careful not to crash the craft into rocks

and cliffs. You'll have to squeeze through gaps in solid rock walls, so

you'll have to trim your flight path to exactly the right altitude... you're

the only one that can do it!

Left/Right - move left/right

Up - Climb

Down - Dive

Start - pause

A - Keep slow

B - Fire weapons
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