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    The Ridiculous GSI | GameShark Interactive Magazine

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    GAMES magazine top 100 games

    I bought the latest issue of GAMES magazine(UK) hoping to see loads of DC games in the top 100 games of all time. Well, Crazy Taxi, JSR and Rez were included, but neither of the Shenmue games. What is it with games journalist and our beloved unfinished trilogy ? Each game in the top 100 gets...
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    Half-Life Dreamcast magazine articles thread!(56k beware!!!)

    Hey all, Barry the Nomad over at Dreamcast Junkyard has filled a personal request by me for an article from the ODCM USA magazine on the Half Life Multiplayer mode! This should be good retro reading and show you how far they actualy were in the MP progress. IMG_8108.JPG IMG_8112.JPG...
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    GamePro Magazine Issue #129 Scan

    Here's GamePro Magazine Issue #129 (June 1999) which I scanned so my fellow DC-Talk members may enjoy it. I was originally going to scan the whole thing but it would take forever so I just did the Dreamcast related articles. I have a list of articles and a download link on my site, Dreamcast...
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    GamePro Magazine Issue #127 Scan

    Here's GamePro Magazine Issue #127 (April 1999) which I scanned so my fellow DC-Talk members may enjoy it. Only the Dreamcast articles were scanned. Only a couple in this one. Go here to download: Magazine Scans - Dreamcast Live Some notable items in this issue are: Sonic Adventure Review...
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    Requiem For A Dream (EDGE magazine DC article

    I decided to upload this article from the Christmas 2001 edition of EDGE Magazine (from the UK). Written about 9 months after the Dreamcast 'officially' ended, it raised some interesting points particularly whether the console would have faired better in a head-to-head launch with the PS2...
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    The Making Of: Metropolis Street Racer - EDGE Magazine

    Just came across this while browsing. Edge Magazine | GamesRadar+ I found it interesting/humorous how Sega approached Bizarre Creations. Quote "Metropolis Street Racer began in 1997, with a plop. Or maybe a 'yoink', or whatever's the most suitable sound effect for a PlayStation power lead...
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    Soul Calibur Strategy Guide (DCM Magazine Winter '99)

    I thought I'd share this strategy guide with those who are interested. Don't think there was anything touching this in UK Dreamcast Magazines. (change sort option to "Sort By Name") PS Sorry for the scribbling on this guide. I remember there being a few inaccuracies.
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    DreamOn Disks, Dreamcast Magazine Disks, Demo Disks Project

    So far I have made selfboot .cdi's for DreamON Vol. 1 - Vol. 22 (missing 3 volumes) It has been a pain in the ass getting these disks to fit standard cd-r's. Downsampling .sfd's, binhacking, removing unused files, hacking WINCE bins, hacking cd protections, modifying the file structure of some...
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    Dreamcast Magazine Scans

    Does anyone have all 12 issues (US) of the Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine? If so, can someone scan them and make them into pdf files? It would be greatly appreciated *Note: I already have the Preview Issue
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    Full scans of Dreamcast print magazine game reviews

    Maybe this is old news, but I only found out today that this site exists. Out-of-Print Archive • Dreamcast reviews archive These are scanned in reviews from the UK Dreamcast magazine. Kinda cool to look at as all the games were new back then.
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    Dreamcast Web Browser and Magazine Iso's

    just was wondering if anyone had made a iso of 1.0 or 2.0 or any of the demo disks from the Official Magazine. any help would be appreciated
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    Total Control Magazine

    If you're a gamer of a certain age in the UK, you'll probably remember short-lived magazine Total Control. It had a lot of Dreamcast content as it ran from Nov 98 to Sep 99. Here's a look at the first 5 issues: The Dreamcast Junkyard: Total Control: Issues 1 to 5
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    Mega Visions brand new SEGA magazine

    The guys at SEGA Nerds are having a kickstart for a brand new sega magazine that will cover all things sega from the SG 1000 to the dreamcast and beyond. I think this is very exciting news for the dreamcast and sega community especially if sega carries through with their promise from last year...
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    New Dreamcast Magazine

    So I had an idea, with the relative success of some newer retro gaming magazines, what do you think the market would be for a new Dreamcast zine/magazine? Like one with news on new DC games, reviews of new and old games, articles about various events or strange hardware, stuff like that. If it...
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    Official Dreamcast Magazine pdf set

    After spending hours searching every website if finally found all of the Official Dreamcast Magazine (us). also threw in the shenmue guide DcMags
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