Requiem For A Dream (EDGE magazine DC article

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I decided to upload this article from the Christmas 2001 edition of EDGE Magazine (from the UK). Written about 9 months after the Dreamcast 'officially' ended, it raised some interesting points particularly whether the console would have faired better in a head-to-head launch with the PS2. Enjoy :)

PS If you're wondering about the "It Wasn't Even That!" graffiti, yes that was written by me at the time. I think I was trying to make the point (rather clumsily) that most UK gamers had no interested in the DC even as a "snack" and only had eyes for the PS1 and forthcoming PS2 games. I remember in game shops that DC demo pods remained vacant while crowds gathered around the latest PS1 release. Case in point: more people in my local GAME were interested in Incredible Crisis for the PS1 than MSR for the DC!

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