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Just came across this while browsing.

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I found it interesting/humorous how Sega approached Bizarre Creations.

Quote "Metropolis Street Racer began in 1997, with a plop. Or maybe a 'yoink', or whatever's the most suitable sound effect for a PlayStation power lead being pulled from the back of the console. "Kats [Sato, Sega's producer on MSR] was given the task of finding out who was developing Formula 1 for Sony. So, at the ECTS, he pulled out the power cable so he could see the start-up credits," explains Martyn Chudley, former managing director of the now defunct Bizarre Creations. And, from a plop or a yoink, it's on to a martial arts luminary bringing his hand down onto a large plank of wood: "After finding out that Bizarre was responsible, a meeting was arranged with Kazutoshi Miyake, the then head of Sega Europe. His reputation preceded him - a keen karate star from Japan, and very scary.

We walked into the meeting to face a large, stern man who put both hands on the table and bellowed: 'With Formula 1, you have done great harm to Sega!' Our initial reaction was to hide under the table but, after the shock, we realised he was joking, and they wanted us to work for them too."

I remember seeing some of the preview shots for MSR and along with Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur it really did blow my mind, it was a shame that the game didn't sell as well as it had the potential to, also it was sad to see how the development team ended up as well. I never got round to getting MSR but I did play the heck out of Project Gotham Racing on the Xbox. I think now I've got a Dreamcast I'll need to find a copy of MSR. :)
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