Weird Question for you Dreamcast Owners...

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Hi guys what's up?
So I bought a dreamcast a few months ago and after a while it suddenly stopped working, I tried doing everything I read on the internet, my dad (whos been working with electronics for about 30 years) said that something that I don't even know what it's called in English (I'm from Israel) was burnt and basically getting a new one will cost more than a new dreamcast.
So I got some of the money back from the guy who sold me the machine and bought a new one that is now on it's way here.
Now, my question is, how many dreamcasts did you guys went through? I mean, do they often stop working?
I've had a PS2 for about 9-10 years and it still works, what about your dreamcasts?
I'm just worried because ordering a new dreamcast is expensive when you live where I live (45 bucks just for shipping)
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