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  1. C

    Question about Seaman mic

    So I finally got myself what I though would be a complete copy of Seaman but it turns out to be missing the microphone. I have the adapter/VMU thingie and I've been trying to use a mic from my PC. It's a little dodgy. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells replacement mics? Or...
  2. C

    Modem Question?

    Did all US DC's ship with a 56K modem as standard? I have a DC that has a "blank" modem, another words that instead of the modem being snapped in place there is a piece that fits the same spot the modem is in and looks exactly like a the modem but has no internals nor a plug-in for a phone...
  3. C

    Question Regarding Burned Games...

    Ok, I used your guide on burning games using DJ v6. I just put the disk in and use default settings. I burned Sega Bass Fishing and Jet Coaster Dream 2 (Coaster Works 2). I started paying SBF, everything seemed fine, some of the loading times were painfully long. But about halfway through...
  4. C

    PSO download quest question

    so I REALLY want to play the downloaded quest from PSO but I have NO internet connection for my dreamcast at the moment. I thought my prayers were answered when the VMU backup cd with 3000 saves came out and I saw it had the quest on it. I downloaded it but it didn't work because of the files...
  5. C

    Quick Half Life blast pit question

    Do I really have to kill that tentacled beasty thing in the Blast Pit stage? I've managed to get to the next stage without killing it. But if its going to come back and bite me in the proverbials later on I'll go back and have a go at him :)
  6. C

    Quick question

    is the pso saves region free or do they go by region?
  7. C

    silly pso mag question, anyone know how to make an andhaka?

    I'm trying to amass a nice mag collection from all section id's now that I have access to online play (so i can transfer them all to my playable characters), and just now read up on the andhaka force only mag (when def is > 45). Since I never played forces, and i hardly knew about this rare...
  8. C

    silly sd card mod question...

    From the dreamshell site, which one of these is the one I burn into the disc for my dreamcast, and which is the file I need to have at the root of the sd card? DreamShell 4.0.0 Beta 3 / DreamShell / DC-SWAT - Сайт о Sega Dreamcast и не только. options; DreamShell 4.0 Beta 3 (CDI Image)...
  9. C

    newbie with a question

    Hello newbie here but i have loved the Dreamcast from day one. I bought a Japan release DC when they came out so as you can imagine living in the UK it cost a lot. I remember buying it with a stepdown transformer, sonic adventure, seag rally 2 and blue stinger and i was blown away by it. My...
  10. C

    GD-ROM Disk Repair Question

    I bought a copy of Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 yesterday, but my DC wouldn't read it due to a small, but deep scratch on the disc. I attempted to repair it using a CD Cleaner that has fixed minor scratches on other DC discs, but this time it didn't work. So I visited my local Gamestation (UK) who...
  11. C


    It doesn't exist, but Solitude might end up getting a Dreamcast port someday. Solitude Moddb Page EDIT: To avoid confusion, Halo is in the canceled games list for the Sega Dreamcast, I didn't mean that one.
  12. C

    Weird Question for you Dreamcast Owners...

    Hi guys what's up? So I bought a dreamcast a few months ago and after a while it suddenly stopped working, I tried doing everything I read on the internet, my dad (whos been working with electronics for about 30 years) said that something that I don't even know what it's called in English (I'm...
  13. C

    Phantasy Star Online Ver 2 Mag/photon question

    Hey guys, So I've started playing from scratch again as my favourite character type, Hucast. And I've just got my first mag up to lvl 35, it so far has learnt Golla and Farla, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or a guide for learning different photons etc? Personally I'd like a mag that...
  14. C

    Question about the dreamcast arcade stick

    Does the joystick part of the arcade stick map to the Dpad or the joystick on the standard gamepad? IE: If I wanted to use it for say, Tokyo Xtreme Racer or Sonic Adventure, which only does steering and movement through the joystick and not the Dpad on the controller, would I be able to use the...
  15. C

    Alien Front Online question

    Is there any way to unlock more maps or game modes in arcade mode? It keeps repeating the same 3 maps and it's always TDM with 15 points. I thought that maybe playing the maps in campaign would unlock them but it hasn't. Does anyone know?
  16. C

    POD 2: Online question

    Just wanted to ask about this futuristic racer. Is it online only? Or can some single player or local multiplayer fun still be had with it? Also, what is the value of this game (in US $)? Thx :)
  17. C

    XCKDIY question

    ??? - ????? In my google chrome translation it says "DC bios chip with the development of machine" What exactly is that? I use his SD card adapter but what is this DC bios chip? By the way I'm new here so hello everyone!
  18. C

    Karous gameplay question

    How the heck do you do the more extensive sword attack combos? I've collected multiple upgrades for the sword from the powerups, but it just seems that by holding B all the character ever does is the one swipe. I thought tapping B a few times also didn't do it. Do I have to wiggle the controls...
  19. C

    Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question

    Dreamcast SD reader DS 4 RC SD DCI to VMU Transfer Question Hello guys, hopefully this forum is still active as most sega or dc forums are now inactive or shutdown from hackers but I just bought this from china. I have 3 questions. 1 - When I get it, can I d/l a 2011 roster which is a dci file...
  20. C

    Trivia Question

    Who is Uji Naka or what was he responsible for ?
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