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    Weird Question for you Dreamcast Owners...

    Hi guys what's up? So I bought a dreamcast a few months ago and after a while it suddenly stopped working, I tried doing everything I read on the internet, my dad (whos been working with electronics for about 30 years) said that something that I don't even know what it's called in English (I'm...
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    Segagaga owners, Import Friendly?

    I've read quite a few places that Segagaga is very text heavy and shouldn't be undertaken by anyone other than Japanese speakers. Does anyone on the boards own it? If so do you think I could still have fun with the humor in terms of the imagery and gameplay? or it's probably not worth importing...
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    Question for any PAL Marvel Vs Capcom owners.

    Does the PAL version give you the option to disable in game Flash effects??? This option can be found under the "Screen Setup" selection in the Options menu or in the pause menu as well. The US had this ability removed, although it is presenet in the games code. Thanks in advance for anyone who...
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    Do Sega Dreamcast Owners Even Lift?

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    Question for PSP Go! owners

    I'm just curious if the PSP Go! has the same LCD as the 3000. I mean does it have scanlines like the 3000?(they're not that bad anyway)
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