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  1. C

    Weird Question for you Dreamcast Owners...

    Hi guys what's up? So I bought a dreamcast a few months ago and after a while it suddenly stopped working, I tried doing everything I read on the internet, my dad (whos been working with electronics for about 30 years) said that something that I don't even know what it's called in English (I'm...
  2. C

    Weird Chinese portable dreamcast

    Buyer beware, looks like the systems come as a wholesale order (if they arrive at all). This site is kind of like a Chinese ebay. I'm not sure "pocket" is an appropriate word for these, they look potentially larger than the original DC console. Reserving DIY DreamCast Pocket Game Console ...
  3. C

    Weird Track Name on Quake 3 Arena

    Hello. I was reading a guide on how to test discs, and it said to put my broken Quake 3 disc into an audio player(My iMac). I did that and iTunes showed up. It gave me two tracks: the first one was the "This is a Dreamcast Game" track, and the other... I didn't listen to it, but the title...
  4. C

    Weird DC comic with alternate reality where DC is popular

    Can't say its that great though :lol: Not found.
  5. C

    Something weird happenedâ?¦

    I woke up this morning, and I saw what happened in the first image. My PlayStation was attacking my Dreamcast! :x Luckily, I took a picture to let you guys know about it. ;) Fortunately, my Dreamcast struck back on my PlayStation this evening. :lol: I got a pic of that, too. For now, let's...
  6. C

    Woah, dudeâ?¦this is some weird stuff...

    I remember watching this video a while ago, and I came back to rewatch it. It's pretty interesting seeing a Japanese conference revealing the Dreamcast (even though it pretty much tanked there in its early years), but there was a part that I found a little.odd. .Just watch this video from 1:50...
  7. C

    Tails says some weird things in Japanese SA1.

    For example, this is proof that Tails is an Engrish-speaking Nazi. Sonikku, swastika!.mp3 Okay, maybe I was joking. But I don't even know what to make out with this one at the beginning of his story... Is this a pig or Tails...mp3 I bet you it gets a lot weirder than that. In fact, I kinda...
  8. C

    Dreamcast weird dither pattern over VGA

    Does anyone else see this type of pattern (dot and diamond looking stuff) when viewing their DC over VGA? Imgur: The magic of the Internet It's been a while since I've had my DC hooked up with VGA. I used to connect it to a CRT PC monitor and never saw anything like this, but now I am running...
  9. C

    Weird battery issue

    Pretty much I hard modded (cut the wire inside, did not do the de-saudering) my psp 2000 battery so that I could boot into recovery mode and Install Gen-D3. Yesterday I decided to show my friend what it looked like when it booted up into the recovery mode. However the battery is now acting like...
  10. C

    I need a little help with my weird files change

    Hello, okay just recently my files are being kinda stupid, in my seplugins folder to the RCO folder i added these two particular files: gameboot.pmf & opening_plugin.rco, they work just fine & then one day i said: "hey, why not i just added some custom click sounds for my xmb menu, i download...
  11. F

    weird game genie codes

    here is a thread dedicated to weird game genie codes, i thought about this because i have recently found a list of old codes i found back in the 8-bit days these can only be codes you have found yourself... first game: megaman 2 GAPGON = glitchy enemies NOGPAG = remixed in game music, dont...
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