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NOTE: First of all, I'd like to note I'm posting this in the Lounge because this is not a game announcement, nor am I looking for help to make a game, this is just meant to share something I do as a 'hobby' for my own entertainment and hopefully be a fun/interesting read for at least some people here.

So as the topic title suggests, I decided to post some ideas for video games I had over the years. Been contemplating for a while now whether to post this or not, but since I have nothing to lose nor gain, I figured maybe at least some people will find it a fun read or get a laugh from it.

I'm sure most people who play video games regularly have toyed with the idea of making their own video game at least for a split second, and maybe even had a few ideas for it in their head. I know I have, and recently it kinda became a hobby of mine to plan games in my head, write down my ideas as 'design documents' (if you can call my messy notes that) and just see where my imagination leads me. These ideas range from characters to gameplay elements, control layouts, stage designs. Over time I came up with about 12 'games' that I feel are more or less full thought out games rather than just 1 random idea here and there.

Now I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer, so I haven't played hundreds of games in my life (in reality it's probably have been only a few dozens), so there might be ideas in my notes/documents I thought were new and never been done before, while in reality they were done to death in games I just never heard of. (Just thought I'd note that so you know..)

Since this is a Dreamcast site, I thought I'll post my Dreamcast related game ideas first, then if anybody is interested in my other game ideas, I'll post those later. (Tho these games don't have as much written in their 'Design documents' as my non-Dreamcast game ideas, the concept of them should be understandable.)
Also maybe others had these ideas already just never posted them before, so there's also the chance I wrote absolutely nothing new here.

1.Title: Burning Inferno
Genre: lightgun game
Players: 1-2
Similar to/inspired by: House of the Dead, Virtua Cop
Description: an onrail lightgun game with a firefighter theme and an arcade feel (since I don't think that's been done before and I see potential in it). The player(s) takes the role(s) of firefighters who are assigned to various rescue/firefighting missions in various locations (mine/office building/factory/cruiser ship etc). Similar in gameplay to HOTD2, but instead of killing zombies with guns, player(s) put out fires with a fire hose or fire extinguishers, save civilians, break down doors or cut their own way with a fire axe, make quick decisions, fight their way through the smoke and heat and deal with suddenly occured emergencies. Trying to take advantage of the DCs' unique peripherals, besides using a lightgun to use/aim the fire hose/extinguiser in one hand, players also use a fishing rod in the other hand to operate the fire axe ingame - swinging the fishing rod makes the axe swing ingame. In some sections of the game the players are seperated and go on their seperate ways - in these sections the screen is split in two and the players can only use their own part of the screen with the lightgun.

2.Title: Target Escort
Genre: lightgun game
Players: 1
Similar to/inspired by: Take the bullet
Description: a bit similar to Burning Inferno in that is uses the lightgun/fishing rod combo. Inspired by the unreleased Take the bullet Dreamcast game, the player plays as a 'freelance' body guard, protecting various important/influental persons as they go to meetings, during travels etc. Of course these persons are potential targets for liquidation, and it's up to the player to try and protect them from assassins and headhunters. Using the lightgun to aim and fire weapons, the player can also use the fishing rod controller to move around with its analog stick, and also to quickly roll/leap out of harms' way by swinging the controller in the desired direction. The player can tell the protected person to stay behind in cover while the player clears out an enemy filled section, then tell the protected person to join him again.

3.Title: Invasion Nation
Genre: lightgun game
Players: 1-2
Similar to/inspired by: House of the Dead
Description: from what I seen, in lightgun games you often play as humans versus aliens/monsters, or humans versus humans. But rarely as aliens versus humans. So in this game, you get to play as invading aliens defeating humans, let them be simple police officers, SWAT teams or straight from the army. Each player can use 2 lightguns, making it set for some blazing lightgun action. (I wanted the player to feel a bit like the Terminator in Terminator 1 when it raids the police station: holding a different weapon in each hand, free to unleash the one he wants to when he wants to, mowing down enemies with them with ease, feeling like an unstopable badass while doing so.) Equipped with lasers and more powerful explosives than the earthlings could dream of, it's up to the player to defeat the humans and show they ain't on Earth just for a quick visit..

4.Title: Troop Trappers
Genre: party game/arena battle
Players: 2-4
Similar to/inspired by: ?
Description: the main idea was to find a way to utilize the VMU in a way it hasn't been before. Each player controls a soldier on a small map (whole map is visible on the screen). At the start of each game, each player has to plant x number of mines over the map. The 'trick' is that each player has to do this on their VMU screen so the other players can't see where they are placing their mines. Once every player has placed their mines, they must try to lure/push the other players into their mines, while obviously not knowing where the other players' mines are. The player whose soldier detonates the least number of mines wins. (Sounded like a cool concept, but might be too chaotic in practice.)

Whether you think these are dumb ideas or actually sounds fun, you are free to let me know, tho to be honest I'm not really looking for feedback as this is just something I did for my own amusement and the chance of them becoming real games are pretty, pretty slim.
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