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    Streaming some dreamcast gaming now: ideas?

    Is there anything you would like to see? Any game you wanted to see the ending but didn't bother to finish on your own? I'm up for some online gaming while streaming if somebody joins me... games on my mind right now are jet grind radio, sonics, shenmue, residents, virtua tennis, crazy taxi...
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    Dreamcast Advertisement Ideas

    Recently, I've been making up fake advertisements for the Dreamcast, and I was wondering if any of you had an idea or two. But first, I'll share my ideas. Keep in mind that I went for a humorous formula for these ideas. Enjoy! Idea #1: Vengeful PlayStation A guy goes up to his PlayStation with...
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    My random game ideas

    NOTE: First of all, I'd like to note I'm posting this in the Lounge because this is not a game announcement, nor am I looking for help to make a game, this is just meant to share something I do as a 'hobby' for my own entertainment and hopefully be a fun/interesting read for at least some people...
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    Lego Batman 2 review: Old ideas marry new ambition

    Open-world sequel sticks to what it knows - but, luckily, what it knows, works. With the rate Lego tie-ins are churned out, you'd presume they're like most entry-level games - designed with the least effort possible to extract the most amount of pocket money from your children. You'd be wrong...
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    6.60 PRO-B9 settings issue, any ideas?

    Just installed the aforementioned CFW, and now every option I choose in the settings menu causes the system to freeze, then power down. Any ideas as to why it does that? Also, any fixes? Thank you in advance. The guide I used...
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